Moving to or Within Space Coast ?

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Space Coast cities include Cocoa Beach, Melbourne, Melbourne Beaches, Palm Bay, Port Canaveral, Titusville and Viera. Named for America’s Manned Space Program, starting in the 1950s, when the Air Force developed the Eastern Test Range at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station to modern day Kennedy Space Center, all the important milestones of the space program started here.

Interesting historical facts about the Space Coast include:
Juan Ponce de Leon landed off the coast of Melbourne Beach in 1513

An Ais Indian village on what is now The Ulamay Wildlife Sanctuary in Merritt Island was mapped in 1605 by Lt. Alvaro Mexia.

The last naval battle of the American Revolutionary War was fought off the shores of Cape Canaveral in 1783, between the USS Alliance and the HMS Sybill.

Founded by fisherman, the first families arrived in Cocoa in 1860. Once known as “Indian River City”, Cocoa’s first families arrived in 1860. The town’s official name was adopted in 1884 after one of its citizens received inspiration from a box of Baker’s Cocoa.

Colonel Henry Titus arrived in 1867 with intentions to build a town on land owned by his wife. The community was named Titusville in 1873 after Colonel Titus won a card game.

Melbourne was founded in the late 1860s by former slaves and named in honor of its first postmaster, Cornthwaite John Hector, an Englishman who had spent much of his life in Melbourne, Australia.