Office Relocations Guide

To help make your current office relocation as smooth as possible; please consider implementing the following recommendations:

  • Al lateral files three or more drawers high must be emptied. Filled file boxes should be labelled and left close to those cabinets for ease of replacement once in the new space.
  • All desks, returns and credenzas must be emptied to prevent any breakage or missing items during transit.
  • Labeling of boxes, furniture pieces, cartons, etc. is strongly encouraged. Both name and room destination are recommended and labels can be obtained through White Glove if requested.
  • If any computers, printers, copiers, plotters or electronic equipment are to be moved; they must be disconnected by the Customer or Customer Representative and secured for transportation. If any of the equipment is leased, it is likely the leasing company will want to relocate the equipment; please call them directly to inquire about the proper procedure.
  • All other furniture should be marked where it will be placed in the new offices. If possible, it would be helpful if you could provide a diagram of the new offices indicating whose and what furniture goes where in the new space. A move coordinator at origin and destination to assist in the proper placement of furniture is strongly suggested.
  • Checklist:

    • Desk Empty?
    • Supply cabinets cleared?
    • File drawers locked?
    • Wall items taken down?
    • Breakable items properly packed?
    • Machines disconnected, liquids drained and prepped for travel?
    • ”Do Not Move” tags placed as needed?
    • Everything tagged and marked?

    Click Here for a PDF version of Office Moving Guide