Local & Long Distance Delivery

Local & Long Distance Delivery

For starters, we all have gone shopping and found something too big for your car. Hence, whether you need something picked up from a local retailer or you just need a couple pieces moved, we can help. Because, White Glove offers delivery options to fit various budgets and time frames. Adding to our motto of exceeding expectations, White Glove takes the extra step to bring items to their final destination whether it is up a ten flights of stairs or placed on the patio.

In addition, White Glove Moving, Storage, and Delivery offers installation and assembly for items we deliver.  At White Glove, we believe it is the attention to detail and careful consideration of your precious cargo that separates us from the rest. With that in mind, White Glove is the top choice when choosing a delivery service.  Furthermore, we have great relationships with local stores like Design Within ReachRestoration Hardware and others featuring big, rare pieces  to make those hard to find items yours with ease.

  • Local and long distance delivery
  • Retail pick-ups and delivery to your home, job site, office, and more
  • Short term storage available for items we pick up that are not yet ready for your space.
  • Delivery of items kept in storage
  • Assembly and installation of items as needed
  • Delivery of items that were received from manufacturer, designer, etc.

Call 866-GLOVE10 to get additional inventory details or to get rates.

To conclude, if you fall in love with something, White Glove will help you get it home.


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