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Realtors & Residential Moves:

June 2020:

“The move went great” ~Tiffany

“The move went just fine, it’s our third move with you guys!” ~Barbara C.

“The movers were great, the move was perfect!” ~Priscilla P.

“I would like to communicate to all parties of our satisfaction and pleasure of working with White Glove movers” ~Harold E.

“The movers were wonderful! I took a little nap and when I woke up the house was entirely packed and moved! I was so pleased!” ~Erin F.

“I think it went well, I have nothing but great things to say about the crew and the move” ~Stephanie I.

“The guys were great” ~David C.

“The move was great, the movers were great like they always are!” ~Linda J.

“Everything went so well, I’d use you guys again!” ~Tom M.

“10 out of 10 for both! Excellent Job!”~Kate W.

“The move was a very good experience, BJ & Kevin were awesome!” ~Peter S.

“It went along smashingly! The guys were great, professional and courteous! I will definitely recommend!” ~Kimberly

“The guys are always really great, thank you!” ~Michele

“It was perfect! Your crew was great, all 4 guys were very polite and professional!”Mr. Davi

“I think it went just fine” ~John M.

“The guys did a great job!” ~Virginia C.

“It was the best move I ever had! It went really well, all 4 guys moved so quickly! You guys are always amazing! I have always recommend you!” ~Meg H.

“We would love to give all the guys from Monday and Tuesday not only a raise but 20 stars. As Ben and Randy will tell you, and Caleb, we are long long time White Glove customers. Everything was tip top and we are , as always, pleased with the two days of seamless work.”~Sandra H.

“The guys were wonderful, helpful, they smiled a lot. They couldn’t be more pleasant. Their attitude was just great!”~Louise P.

“The movers were wonderful, just great! I really appreciate it!” ~Deborah T.

“Thank you for working with me, I would certainly recommend your service” ~Deborah R.

“They guys were great like always” ~Jessica L.

” Everything went really well!” ~Sonia B.

“The move was good” ~ Joan K.

“Everything was good”~Nona B.

“Everything went great, BJ and his guys were really just awesome!”~Frank B.

“JR and his crew were just wonderful!” ~Maria A.

“The move went smoothly”~ Jimmy R.

“It went more then smoothly! The guys did a fabulous job! This is the 5th time I have used you guys, Buddy always does a great with the estimates and I have never had a bad crew from White Glove!”~Liz H.

“Everything went quite well, Dave and Phil were great, very efficient! We will certainly recommend you!”~Maria S.

“The move was good” ~Elisa B.

“The move was fine, a little bit slow because of the rain but they did great.” ~Louise O.

“I think the move went quite well” ~Jim J.

“Everything went wonderfully, you guys are the greatest movers, ever! The guys were so friendly, and so fast! I will absolutely recommend you to everyone!” ~Jason E.

“The move was excellent! Andre and Anthony were incredible! They did a fantastic job! We were really, really impressed with them. They were the nicest young men, We have some heavy pieces and they maneuvered through the corners perfectly, not a mark on my furniture or the walls! I will highly recommend White Glove!” ~MaryAnn R.

“The move went well, we really appreciate you sending the second crew! They were great” ~Jim C.

“The move went great, it was awesome “~Michael G.

“The guys were here early, worked real hard and it was very hot out yesterday, but they got everything set up “~Kevin V.

“The movers were really great, such hard workers!” ~Vic M.

“The move was wonderful! The next time we move, we will definitely use White Glove again!” ~Charlie M.

“Everything went great, The guys were absolutely delightful to a Tee! Polite and responsive and just wonderful!” ~Jan C.

“Everything went quite well” ~Sherif I.

“I think the move went well” ~Lyndsey A.

“Everything went really well” ~Wendi N.

“Mike and the guys were great, just terrific! I will absolutely recommend you!”~Kathy H.



May 2020:

“Everything was good with the movers, they were good guys” ~Craig P.

“The move went just wonderfully, Thank you!” ~Deborah D.

” We have used White Glove several times for moves, and have always been impressed with the skill and attitude of those that we have worked with during our moves.The three gentleman who assisted us on moving day were cordial, knowledgeable, and had great suggestions to make the move as smooth as possible.” ~Albert D.

“As usual, the movers were very good!” ~ Mrs. G.

“The move was quite fine.” ~Charles Y.

“Everything went well.” ~Andy S.

“The moving and packing went well” ~Wendy B.

“Everything went just fine.” ~Tom H.

“Everything went wonderfully, The two guys who moved us, Darrell and Phil, were so sweet and so smart with our California king sleep number bed! The guys really had great personalities. These are the guys who should be representing your company!” ~Patricia G.

“The movers were wonderful!” ~Sonia P.

“The move went just fine.” ~Julie C.

“I think the boys did a good job, I would recommend your company!” ~Gary B.

“The guys really were just wonderful, hard workers and pleasant to be around.” ~Nancy N.

“The movers were just wonderful!” ~Sandra W.

“Everything went quite well, I’m all settled in.” ~Dory S.

“The move went very fine! It was a good crew, we liked Willie, he was very professional and competent and the rest of the boys worked very hard!

“The move went well.” ~Tony C.

“The men were very nice, and thorough”~ Yvonne S.

“Everything was just fine!” ~Lynn M.

“The movers are amazing, what an amazing team they are! Nothing was damaged and they were courteous and quick!”~ Michele H.

“The guys were all great” ~Raynor R.

“The move went great, and I’m sure it will be great tomorrow when they deliver my stuff after a short hold on the truck due to my closing.” ~Dana C.

“Everything went very well, the movers were very conscientious!” ~Pam K.

“The movers were great” ~Julianna H.

“The move went quite well, looking forward to the big move in about 6 weeks.” ~James S.

“The guys were just great, fast and polite. I will certainly recommend White Glove!~ Glenda S.

“The guys were great! Willie and his crew did an outstanding job both days.” ~Tricia S.

“I wanted to let you know how great Willie & Damacio were yesterday. They were both great & top of the line movers, Willie was extremely impressive to me!” ~Janet S.

” It was a great move! The crew that came was awesome and my wife really loved the welcome home bag!” ~Charles L.

“The move went very well” ~Nancy B.

“Dave and Durce did a great job!” ~Joe S.

“It was fun, the movers are great” ~Dana H.

“I think your guys are just sensational, polite & kind. They were terrific!” ~Pilar T.

“The movers worked hard on a very warm day! They were great!” ~Joyce S.

“I think everything went great!” ~Drew S.

“I wasn’t there for the entire move, but from what I did see, it went well.” ~Bryan A.

“Fantastic job at a fantastic price! Tim was great and I’ve already referred a friend that’s moving to Sebastian next month she is going to use your services. Two thumbs up.”~Eric T.

“The move was excellent! The movers were fantastic!” ~Jean E.

“The movers were fabulous!Absolutely fabulous!” ~Pamela T.

“The move went just fine” ~Renee G.

“The move went really really well, Anthony and his guys were fantastic, really fast, courteous and hard workers!” ~Suzanne D.

“Everything went very well, those guys were just wonderful!”~Linda M.

“The guys did a great job as always!” ~Beth T.

“I was very happy with the movers!” ~Beth S.

“The move was nicely done, the guys were very courteous”~Rebecca M.

“Everything went fine, they were wonderful!” ~Maria S.

“Movers were good.” ~Bob I.

April 2020:

We wanted to thank you for organizing a perfect move for us from Rancho Mirage, CA to Vero Beach, FL. All of your work  planning upfront and double-checking the logistics made everything go smoothly. The movers and loaders that you hired for us were easy to work with and did a perfect job packing up our three-bedroom house.  Nothing was lost. Nothing was broken. Every thing was packed logically which made unpacking much easier. Many thanks for all your of attention to detail and superior customer service. Thanks to you our move across country to a new house was not stressful. Best, Mary G.

“The move went perfect on Friday! This is my 3rd time moving with White Glove and it is always a great experience. I also want management to know that BJ, David, Kevin & Pat were amazing and so great at their jobs and with people in general” ~Carol B.

“All the movers were focused on the job and worked well as a team helping each other. ” ~Dave D.

“I would rank them as a 9 out of 10. The manager, his name was Mike, kept us informed at all times and was very helpful to us. Thank you.” ~ Linn B.

“Your guys were terrific, very polite, moved everything quickly!” ~Mary G.

“The move went so well, we will be calling you in a few months for our final move!” ~Carla G.

“The move went great, we were very happy!” ~Loretta J.

“David and Phil were just great!” ~ Marcia L.

“Everything went fine, we were very happy with the movers and the price. We would recommend you to anyone!” ~Gail R.

“10’s all around, you guys were awesome, and saved the day!” ~Andrew B.

“Everything was great, all three were fantastic!” ~Melissa A.

“I was very pleased, JR and Ollice were very good, very courteous and polite!I shall certainly recommend White Glove highly!” ~Donna K.

“It was a pleasure, like always!” ~Jim M.

“The move went very well” ~Cindy M.

“Mike was so professional and courteous. All the movers did a very nice job and it was heart warming to see them all communicate so well with the deaf fellow” ~Ed C.

“I just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of our furniture all this time and also, the guys that delivered our furniture to us were class acts all the way!” ~Mary S.

“It was terrific! We really appreciated the great job Mike and his crew did!” ~Geoff C.

“The crew was absolutely great! I wish I could have taken them to New Jersey with me to unload! When I got to New Jersey and unloaded, everything was still packed in perfectly!”~ Alan S.

“I was very happy with the crew and impressed by their packing skills” ~Mary G.

“Everything went very well, the guys were excellent! We are very pleased with each step, the packing, the moving, the unpacking!” ~Lori C.

“I’m not in the area, but I’m sure everything went fine” ~Terry D.

“Your guys are really, really good. I have already recommended your company to a neighbor” ~Paul D.

“The move went great, I wouldn’t want to move every day but the guys were great too” ~Wendy C.

“Unbelievably wonderful! I was so impressed!” ~Denise G.

“The guys did a great job, they were very polite!” ~ Kerry C.

“The movers did a great job, We really thought BJ was very professional, the whole crew was professional!”~Mark P.

“Everything went better then smoothly, it went brilliantly. The gentleman were just stellar, they went above and beyond!” ~Peggy C.

“Andre and his crew did a wonderful job, especially with a terrible set of stairs. They were so polite and careful with my china and precious items ~Carol R.

“Everything went great, the movers were so helpful and so polite, I will recommend you and use you again!” ~ Rachel C.

“The guys were just great!” ~Wendy C.

“The guys were great and the move went well!” ~Theresa L.

“Everything was really great! Everyone in your company was really pleasant!” ~Martin K.

“Andre and Durst were absolutely fantastic! I love you guys! They were incredibly helpful and courteous!” ~ Gina B.

“The guys did a very good job! We will certainly recommend you. JR was a great crew leader!” ~Mike G.

“They movers were very good! Fast, in and out, didn’t bang anything. I was very impressed! ~ Janet R.

“They did a great job” ~Cathy W.

“Everything went just great”~Bob F.

“The job went well, the movers were very polite” ~Tim M.

“Everything went really, really well” ~Paul T.

“The move went perfectly, the guys were great” ~Jackie D.

“Everything went fine” ~Connie C.

“The move went great! I left a review on google!” ~Liz B.

“The move went well!” ~Amy B.

“We are extremely happy! JR always doe such a good Job! ~Jamie T.

“Everything went very well, the movers were very good” ~Linda B.

“Everything was a piece of cake, they guys were just great!” ~Charles T.


March 2020:

“The move went perfect on Friday! This is my 3rd time moving with White Glove and it is always a great experience. I also want management to know that BJ, David, Kevin & Pat were amazing and so great at their jobs and with people in general” ~Carol B.

“I really appreciated the movers, they were top-notch! Polite and helpful!” ~Jean C.

“Both movers were extremely professional. Pat in particular was extremely helpful as was his co-worker. On a scale of 1 to 10, both gentlemen were a 10.” ~Judy Z.

“Everything went great! The guys were very nice!” ~Sandra W.

“Everything went good” ~Terry M.

“The move was perfect! The guys were in and out and efficient” ~Carla M.

“Everything was great and we have already recommended y’all to someone we know who is moving. It was a fast move and less expensive then we thought!” ~ Melanie B.

“Everything was wonderful, the guys were great! So great! They were on-time and professional and I am so grateful that they were willing to come out during this pandemic. I’ve already recommended you!”~Heather B.

“The move was just fine” ~Jason T.

“The guys were great” ~Anna D.

“The move went very well” ~Tony D.

“Pleased with the move overall, Andre and the guys were great!” ~Virginia V.

“It went great, the move was great” ~Jeff R.

“It was wonderful, the guys did great! We were very grateful! I recommended you already!” ~Nancy B.

“It went wonderful! They were very quick and efficient and cordial” ~John W.

“It was great, Everything was great” ~Chris G.

“They did a great job, we really enjoyed their company!” ~Phil M.

“Everything seemed to work very well, you have some good people working for you!” ~ Richard G.

“They did a great job, they worked real hard, efficient and professional!” ~Janet A.

“It was good, your movers are awesome!” ~Jane L.

“Everything went just fine” ~Chester L.

“Everything went well!” ~Jo Ellen G.

“The move was all very good.” ~Judy J.”I can’t thank you guys enough, it was just wonderful! Mike and the crew was just great! I have been with you three moves and I will always use White Glove” ~Sheila M.

“The move went very well, we are very pleased with White Glove” ~Lori C.

“Thank you for your survey. The “boss” was very professional. Just a lot of work. Overall a 10″~Linda O.

“The crew was terrific, very efficient” ~Charlie M.

“Not only were the crew fantastic, they were kind, courteous and such hard workers! They took the time to answer my questions. They were just really good, kind people!” ~Brian F.

“Everything went really well!” ~Jane J.

“The crew, Durce, BJ, Pat and Roy were outstanding!” ~Frank G.

“Dave was great!” ~Carol S.

“Everything went great! The guys were awesome, super friendly and courteous!” ~Annie P.

“I was very impressed with all levels of service from White Glove!” ~Stanley M.

“I would give you a referral for sure.The movers were very professional. I have not unpacked more than a dozen boxes and so far have had no breakage.
Every mover was listening to my requests. Other than a wheel chair being squished which he was able to fix, everything was great.” ~ Eve Z.

“Mike, Fred and Roy were the best I could have asked for. I couldn’t be more appreciative! They were masters of what they do! Do whatever it takes not to lose them. Moving is a nightmare and they made it so easy!” ~Jonathan S.

“The move was great, Dorian and Ollie were awesome. Naturally, there are always a few surprises when moving, but they handled it smoothly. I appreciated that they were early and called to confirm before arriving!” ~Neil S.

“This is like my 5th move with you guys, you guys are the best! The guys are a”My realtor said your team did a fabulous job! JR called to confirm the job with me beforehand which was great” ~Barbara C.

“Everything was great! JR and Dave were fantastic!” ~Matt S.

“The crew you sent were wonderful guys, Mike the captain was great” ~Frank D.

“That move went went fine”~Susan P.

“My wife and I were very pleased with your service, both movers very efficient and courteous, and give them a 10 for satisfaction and recommend your company to others. Thank you and again, thanks for a great moving experience.” ~William B.

“The movers were wonderful! Everything was perfect! Great guys, very professional and they worked well together! I would you White Glove again and I will certainly recommend you!” ~Pamela L.

“The move went just great!” ~Ron D.

“I was very impressed with BJ and his crew!” ~Daniel O.

“We are very pleased! The lead guy Dorian was just great! The move went perfect!” ~John S.

“I was very pleased with the crew you sent” ~Susan M.

“The movers were very good, the company is very good.” ~John L.

“The move went very well, in fact it was excellent!” ~Carol A.

“The Move went very well!” ~Judith N.

“I was thrilled with the movers I had!” ~Louise P.

“The move went great, The guys were quick and the move went faster then we expected. Usually moving is a pain in the you-know-what but White Glove made it easy!” ~Michelle G.

“They were great guys, quick, easy and efficient!” Philip A.

“The move was very good, those three guys are terrific! I’ll certainly recommend you to anyone I know who is moving! You’ve always made our moves so easy!” ~Joyce F.

“Let me tell you, your guys are just wonderful! They packed the truck so well that when it got to Georgia, nothing had moved at all!~Maryanne D.

“Everything was great with the move, we were very impressed with the 3 guys. They moved quickly! Everything arrived in excellent condition with nothing broken.” ~Daniel S.

“Everything went just fine”~Robert G.

February 2020

“I’d like to tell you how happy & pleased I was with the loading process & crew today!  This is my 28th move, and the first time ever using a company and I can’t believe how correct I was in choosing White Glove!” ~Bob G.

“Everything went well, the movers were very personable.” ~Virginia B.

“The movers were excellent, they made it effortless for me to move!” ~Joann D.

“It was a wonderful move, it couldn’t have gone better!” ~Alison Z.

“The move was great, the guys were great! I will definitely recommend you!” ~Diana L.

“The move was great, the guys were so careful, we had a lot of little knick-knacks and everything arrived perfectly!”

“We appreciated all the guys, they were kind, courteous and respectful! We will definitely recommend White Glove!” ~Carol C.

“The Movers did a wonderful job” ~Joyce M.

“I have nothing but the highest praise for you guys! Jr was wonderful. ~ The Thompsons

“Everything went great” ~Gloria G.

“What a great bunch of guys! Very polite, professional and extremely hard working! Our move was not an east one!  King and Mark were especially fantastic!” I will only use White Glove for my moves!” ~Anthony S.

“Everything is very good, Anthony was great! You guys are all great” ~Barry B.

“The move went without a hitch!” ~John F.

“I think everything went great!” ~Lisa D.

“Everything went smoothly!” ~Steve M.

“Oh my goodness, your company is the best!  I’m telling everyone I know! The guys you sent were great, so professional and polite! No damages to my furniture, no dings to the walls!” ~Abbe C.

“I was very impressed with David, DJ & Roy during my move yesterday. They were all so hard working and well-spoken and mannered. Everything way you hope for a move to go but normally never does actually did with the White Glove guys. The move went faster than expected!” ~Alan C.

“The guys were fabulous! And very very polite! I’m really pleased!”~Shirley G.

“The move went great” ~Eva S.

“Those guys were great, really just great!”~Robert F.

“It was perfect, both teams we had were highly professional and polite!”~ Kjestine B.

“They movers did an amazing job, It was such an amazing relief to know my move was handled so well! Joe Tuckett, the estimator was amazing as well, he really took his time with my estimate!”~Vivian G.

“The move was great, the movers did a wonderful job, they were quick about it too!” ~Pat D.

“The move was phenomenal!” ~Denley B.

“Those men were just the most pleasant movers! They were polite, efficient and had me laughing throughout the entire move! ” ~Fran M.

“The Guys were great, sweet and very careful!” ~Peggy D.

“Everything went very well, the movers were very nice and they did a very good job! “~Belinda B.

“The movers were great, terrific! ~Cindy M.

“It was a really good crew, very experienced and kind and helpful!”~Mark C.

“The move went smoothly”~Joe S.

“The move went fine” ~James J.

“I was happy with the movers, they got to work right away”~Dean B.

“The move was fantastic, the guys were great, very professional, very efficient and clean!” ~David C.

“The move was wonderful! The movers were on-time, professional, considerate. You are our first choice, always! ~Michael C.

“It was a perfect move, the guys were very professional”~ Jim M.

“The move went smoothly, Bj and his crew were great, really polite and attentive!” ~Frank B.

“I was very satisfied, more then satisfied! The movers were very nice! Those guys didn’t mess around, they got it done! This was a non-chaotic move!” ~Barbara J.

“I was so happy with DJ & Chris yesterday during my move.  they made everything far better than I would have ever imagined, they were so well mannered, helpful & very hard working, they even asked before leaving if I was sure there was nothing more I needed or they could do for me. I wanted to make sure they got the notice the deserved for being such amazing employee’s and people!” ~Patricia H.

“Everything went just fine, they did a great job, I was very impressed!” ~Michelle B.

“The guys were wonderful, the work was great” ~Jennifer S.

“Everything went perfectly! Dj and Chris were great! The move couldn’t have gone any better!” ~Don K.

“Everything went well.” ~Raymond S.

“The guys were fabulous, just great! Very helpful and polite!” ~Martha H.

“The guys did a fantastic job!” ~Debbie M.

“The guys were really great! They picked up our things and got the move done quickly!” ~Lorrie S.

“Everything went beautifully! The fellas were terrific!” ~Sue B.

“Everything went great, I can’t say anything but great things about the crew and the move!” ~Mike R.

“Everything went perfectly! Thanks so much!” ~Sorina C.

“The move was awesome! We are very very happy!” ~Barbara C.

January 2020

“They were both very nice gentleman, strong and efficient and accomplished the job in 18 minutes.” ~Anne D.

“They did a great job!” ~Matt R.

“The guys are the best, Ant is fabulous, I give you guys 100 percent the best! I will recommend you guys to everyone!” ~Marylou B.

“Everything went well, the guys did a good job, just like they did in the past” ~Wesley M.

“The move went awesome” ~Susan T.

“Everything went fine” ~Eva S.

“The guys were great, they were like machines! They asked a lot of questions, they put everything in exactly as we wanted it. We are very happy~” ~Sharlene M.

“It was a great move, the guys were really good! I have already recommended you to one friend and will recommend you to anyone who is moving!” ~Rosa B.

“The guys did a really great job as always!”~Ron W.

“They did an excellent job, I was so happy with those guys, I have moved before and nobody I’ve ever used took such good care of my things. I would totally recommend you guys to anyone. They are personable yet professional! I was not stressed a bit while they moved my stuff. Andre and Durce were great! I can’t tell you enough how good those guys are!” ~Laura G.

” Everything went well” ~Gary F.

“The move went really well” ~Taylor H.

“The movers were absolutely amazing, I cannot speak more highly of the guys, it was more then one truck and they had to call in extra help and those guys were excellent as well!” ~ Angel P.

“Andre and his team were great, Jeff Smith, the estimator was awesome, I am very, very pleased and will recommend White Glove to everyone!” ~Bill P.

“The movers were very efficient and very accommodating, they spoke nicely to each other.” ~Lorraine S.

“The guys were great” ~Connie L.

“Everything was great the guys went above and beyond, yes I would recommend”~Allison V.

“The guys were great” ~Jane N.

“I am extremely pleased with the whole procedure, extremely pleased!” ~Carol B.

“I wanted to tell you that Mike and Roy were first class, just wonderful!”~Kaye W.

“I was highly impressed with the guys and I am NOT easy to please” ~Dave O.

“The move went great, the movers were really good” ~Rod P.

“Everything was just fine”~James M.

“Everything went quite smoothly” ~John K.

“The move was excellent, really good, thanks!” ~Charles K.

“The move perfectly, no problems at all” ~Jim M.

“The move was excellent!” ~Susan T.

“The move was fine, thanks”~ Marcia D.

“Everything was good, great” ~Michael F.

“The move went very well, thank you!” ~Michael K.

“The movers did a great job, loved working with JR!” ~Heather R.

“The two head guys, Willie & Jeff are excellent!” ~Barbara F.

“Everything was great!” ~Mark M.

“The guys were great” ~Beth B.

“The guys were just terrific, what terrific people you have working for you!” ~Patricia P.

“Your guys were incredibly helpful, considerate, and your company handled the surprise ‘apartment not ready’ issue very well. I will continue to use your services.” ~Kelly T.

“Everything was done perfectly. The head guy was sterling! It was all wonderful!” ~Robert H.

“Everything went so well!” ~Jean T.

“Oh My Gosh, that was the best experience we’ve ever had! The guys were the nicest ever! The move was so smooth! DJ and the other guy were amazing! We will definitely recommend you guys to everyone!” ~Melanie B.

” Everything went wonderfully!” ~Rick M.

“The move went great, the guys delivered the old refrigerator to habitat. We were very pleased!” ~Mark H.

“It was really good, We’d use you again!” ~Debbie W.

“Everything went just fine” ~ Nick B.

“They did a great job!” ~Michael D.

“Roy & Mike were amazing, very professional, very concerned about my stuff.  I could not be more pleased with your company!” ~Pedro F.

“Everything went quite well, the guys were very nice, very professional” ~Dan L.

“Everything was fine, quick, easy and perfect!” ~ Richard M.

“The move went very well!” ~Christopher M.

“Everything was good, service was good!” ~Michael A.

“Everyone on my crew did a great job!” ~Candace G.

“The guys did a good job!” ~Jon G.

“It went well” ~Rob P.

“The move went well”~ Gina B.

“Mike, Andre and Durce were absolutely fabulous, start to finish so pleasant to be around, they made the move absolutely stress-free!” ~Betty W.

“The move was great! Anthony and The guys were great, we will definitely recommend you guys!” ~Maria M.

“Very Happy with the move” ~Henry M.

“I am very pleased with the guys who moved us, and I am very pleased with White Glove!” ~Marjorie B.

“The move went extremely well. I was very pleased with Roy and Mike. They went above and beyond. They wouldn’t allow me to do anything. They pulled a chair out for me and allowed me to relax while they did everything. Please let them know their kindness didn’t go unnoticed. I will definitely recommend White Glove to my family & friends.” ~Diane N.

“The move was great, they guys were very nice” ~Patricia F.

“Oh the guy was absolutely wonderful! Very thoughtful, labeled everything and he was so polite!” ~Mary G.

“They did a great job, hats off to the crew!” ~Carlos L.

December 2019

“The crew we had was very good, they worked well and they were very efficient! It was a pleasant move, as pleasant as moves can go anyway” ~Brian D.

“Everything went great. We appreciated their hard work and their respectfulness. They were very courteous.” ~Leigh L.

“Everything went really great! I would recommend you to anyone I know who is moving!” ~Ashley P.

“The move was fantastic, the guys were wonderful! It was a blessing!” ~Gina B.

“Everything went great! Every single one of the guys Ant, Chris, Kevin and Dale were great!” ~Marisol L.

“The fellas did a nice job yesterday, They are always so nice and polite, we really appreciate it!” ~Janet S.

“Everything was wonderful, the guys were quick! They wrapped up my grandfather clock so well and it worked perfectly when they put the chimes and pendulum back in! I recommended you my mother, she is selling her house soon and will be calling you!” ~Desiree C.

“It was absolutely wonderful, the guys were great!” ~Judy D.

“It went great, the guys were here nice and early and did a great job!” ~Robert C.

“Everything went very well, it went very smoothly, The crew was a pleasure to work with. BJ was the leader and he kept everyone working and happy. They were very through and I was very pleased.”~Steve S.

“I appreciate the work, the Movers did a wonderful job” ~ Lisa M.

“The move went fine, it was very quick!” ~Anne T.

“Everything was fine!” ~Suzanne T.

“Everything went good, those guys are very hard workers!” ~ Margaret G.

“The guys did a great job! Looking forward to our next move in January” ~Cathy R.

“Everything was fabulous! Anthony & Jermaine were wonderful!” ~Linda B.

” The move went fabulous!” ~Wayne B.

“Everything was great, the guys were fast, and efficient!”~Linda S.

“The guys did a perfect job!” ~Michael

“The move went very well, quite well actually” ~Jim D.

“The move went just fine” ~Pamela F.

“We had a beyond excellent experience with White Glove! We find BJ to be a totally excellent supervisor and coordinator! He’s been really terrific, and so was his team Sylvester and….. ” ~Janet S.

“Phil & Angel did a wonderful job”~Theresa K.

“B. J. and the guys were wonderful and worked with smiles on their faces.” ~Carol W.

“I would give White Glove a 10 in all categories!” ~Larry W.

“You guys were great, Willie and his crew were great! We’ve used you guys three times before and we’ve never been disappointed!” ~John M.

“Please compliment your guys, the move was great!” ~Peter T.

“It was great, everything went good, the guys went over and beyond my expectations!” ~Martha S.

“It was wonderful, ya’ll were great. In and out in no time!” ~Jan P.

“The guys Mike C., Chris and Jermaine that moved me were fantastic. They really know their job.
They were all extremely polite and professional. Would you be kind enough to add their names and forward this email to their manager. I think it is important when people do such a good job management should know. Thank you for the bag left for me especially the chardonnay which is my favorite wine.” ~Priscilla P.

“Guys did a great job, the guys couldn’t have been nicer or more polite” ~Geraldine O.

“The move was very good! ~Judy D.

“The move was great” ~Phillip A.

“The art looks great, thanks!”~ Joanie W.

“OMG, they were rockstars! Between the pouring rain and the other issues, the guys kept on smiling and having a positive attitude!” ~Suzy

“Very happy with the guys” ~Joan M.

“Other then the rain, it worked out fine!” ~Bo D.

“It worked out very well, very polite gentleman and they knew what they were doing!” ~Lois W.

“Everything was great” ~Robin S.

“It was our 3rd move with you guys and it was fantastic! I can’t say enough good things about JR, it was the second time we’ve had him and he and his crew were so so careful with our things!” ~Phil L.

“Everything went very well” ~Peter L.

“It all worked out quite well”~Bill H.

“Everything was great!” ~Katie H.

“The moving crews were great, Dorian especially! “~Suzy

“The guys were awesome at my house and my parents!” ~Justine G.

“The move was excellent! Thanks for being so flexible with the schedule, if I know of any one who is moving I will recommend White Glove!” ~Stefan B.

” All went well, the guys were great. They got us out of there faster then we thought!” ~Cathy C.

“Everything was wonderful! We will use White Glove again when we move out of our rental into our new house!” ~Virginia V.

“It was a wonderful move, the 3 guys you sent were very courteous!”  ~Fred C.

“10 on all questions. Everything went well. Thank you.” Pat H.

“Everything was great! The guys were fantastic! We always use White Glove and recommend you to all of our friends!” ~Dr. Ken J.

“Move went just fine and dandy.” ~Ellen F.

“It was an excellent move, they were on time, efficient and polite! We’ve used White Glove many times and will continue to do so”! ~Donna H.

“It was perfect!” ~Michael C.

“The whole thing went very well, the two guys were great” ~Kelly M.

“Phil and David were awesome!” ~Ann Marie S.

“They were their usual wonderful selves, that’s why I use White Glove!” ~Denise D.

“The move went just fine, no problems! ~ Mickey D.

“10’s across the board!
All three of the movers were wonderful: DJ, Dee and Chris. They were courteous, careful and efficient. I would not have anything to say to improve on the moving experience.” ~Susan A

“Great move..Both of your guys were awesome and I would highly recommend your company!” ~Scott H.

“It was great, from the salesperson, to the packers to the delivery! Wonderful all the way around! I have moved 12 times before and this was by far the best!” ~Christine W.

“The guys did really good! JR is exceptionally good at what he does! I was very impressed and I will recommend White Glove to all ” ~Jay S.

“Everything was fine, the guys were nice” ~Alexander D.

“ Oh my gosh Mike and Durce were absolutely incredible! We had so much fun together throughout the day. Trying to move my 94 year old mom is stressful enough, but the guys completely help make this situation into a great one. They were so professional, kind and caring. They put everything together and even helped me tidy up Moms place. I am truly grateful for them and White Glove and I can’t recommend you enough. Please let them both know how much I appreciate them.” ~Lydia L.

“Everything went great! Every single one of the guys Ant, Chris, Kevin and Dale were great!” ~Marisol L.

10 on all questions. Everything went well. Thank you. ~Pat H.

It was great!  All the fellows were very professional pleasant and hardworking, I highly recommend Mile and his team and will use White gloves again in the future,Best regards Diane D.

These folks were all EXCELLENT!  If we could give them a 20 we would!! Your company is top notch!! They were extremely careful with everything! We would recommend you guys to everyone! Our realtor highly recommended your company. Thanks again. ~Albert & Alicia B.

November 2019

Your service and your team were excellent.  Thank you very much for a great experience. Kind Regards, Debra

“These folks were all EXCELLENT! Your company is top notch!! They were extremely careful with everything! We would recommend you guys to everyone! Our realtor, Kathy D. highly recommended your company. Thanks again. ~Albert & Alicia B.

“The move went well.” ~Laurie N

“Everything went really well, and the movers were great!” ~Pat H.

“Both movers were excellent.  The move went as expected, and we certainly will recommend White Glove Moving.” ~Margaret L.

“Very pleased with the movers and White Glove!” ~Julie M.

“The move went great!” ~Kerry C.

“I couldn’t have been happier; the movers were efficient and polite, and I’ve been telling everyone about White Glove! ~Dale E.

“Everything went really well, the movers were polite, well-mannered and efficient!” ~Marcia E.

“It was great! All the fellows were very professional pleasant and hardworking, I highly recommend Mike and his team and will use White glove again in the future. “~Diane D.

“I think the move went just fine.” ~Brita R.

“Overall, the move itself was great.” ~Judith S.

“The move was perfect.” ~Heather M.

“The movers were really good, and I’ve used a lot of movers before!” ~Jim M.

“I think the move went just fine!” ~Gina G.

” I liked these movers, they were very good, everything went pretty smoothly” ~Arlene S.

“The move went very well, and the guys were quite good!” ~Jim G.

“The movers did a fantastic job! Can’t wait to use you again for the second part of our move” ~Terry D.

“The guys did a good job.” ~Tony.

“Everyone was great and very willing and helpful. One of your guys was especially helpful in placing the furniture but I don’t have his name. I would rate them a ten and recommend your company’s services.” ~Jere B.

“The move went very well! The guys are very nice!” ~Daisy K.

“The move went great; the guys were excellent! ~Christina W.

“The move was really good.” ~Betty R.

“Everything went just fine. ~David G.

“The move was just wonderful, of course we will be using you again in June when our new house is ready!” ~Carla G.

“The guys were just great!” ~Jennifer H.

“The move went great” ~Julie H.

“The move went just fine, the guys were wonderful, they were super!” ~Michelle

“The guys did a very good job.” ~Tina S.

“I think the guys did a great job!” ~Jeff R.

“The move went great!” ~Wayne B.

“Everything was good, they were on time, fast, and efficient!” ~Karen B.

“They were wonderful, just great!” ~Jeannette B.

“We enjoyed the move, thought it went great. All the guys worked hard, and I’ll certainly tell other people about you guys!” ~John D.

“It was a fine experience all around.” ~Skip W.

“They were wonderful, just marvelous” ~Joyce K.

“David & DJ were wonderful, they really were. Meticulous and friendly, the elevator broke for a little while during the move and while they waited patiently for it to be fixed, they carried a little old lady’s groceries up the stairs! They were clean neat and fast! Joe, the salesman who came out was very friendly and professional! The welcome bag was a great little touch! I will recommend White Glove to Everyone!” ~Lydia Z.

“The move was great; the guys were great and hardworking!” ~Alvina R.

“Everything has gone well so far. Dorian, Roy & Anthony were very nice!”~Jean U.

“You people are amazing, everything was fantastic! The crew was perfect and a joy to be around. You guys are first class all the way! I will highly recommend you to everyone!” ~Orin O.

“The move was smooth as silk, all of our items were delivered and unpacked perfectly, and the two movers were very helpful to my wife!” ~ Les. W

“The move was super! The movers were excellent! They took care of our furniture as if it were their own!” ~Peter P.

“Your people did well, they are the most efficient crew I’ve come across, no one was standing around, they were busy the entire time. I was very impressed.” ~Milo H.

“Great guys, great crew altogether!” ~Mike B.

” The Movers were absolutely fantastic, polite & willing to move pieces repeatedly if my wife and I thought it might look better elsewhere! My son had a bad experience with a different moving company just last month, so I was a little wary, but it turned out wonderful! ” ~Ray C.

10/30/19 ” The guys were lovely; they are great movers!” ~Patricia B.

10/30/19 “It went great!” ~Barclay K.

10/29/19 “All went very smoothly. Men were cheerful and accommodating. “The Benedict’s

10/28/19 “The move went just great, the movers were wonderful, very good at what they do. We are very happy with White Glove and we’ll be sure to recommend you to everyone” ~Kate G.

10/28/19 “This is our third move of furniture (not a whole house) using White Glove and we have been VERY pleased and satisfied with all of your staff.  Both the movers and the administrative folks have been great.” ~Krista G.

10/28/19  “I have no improvements to suggest.; it went great.  Also, the pens you’ve handed out previously work great.Thanks much.” ~Irene M.

10/27/19 “They were very good, pleasant and helpful!” ~Nancy D.

10/27/19 “It was wonderful! Mike and Shaquille were so professional, and so accommodating. They really went above and beyond. I have only used White Glove and I will continue to do so and recommend you! ~Meg H.

10/25/19 “All the movers were extremely nice” ~Steven K.

10/25/19 “Everything was good, we had no issues and the guys were great!” ~Carol A.

10/25/19 “The move went well. The crew was pleasant and helpful” ~Carol B.

10/22/19 “Everything went smoothly, we will use you again” ~Bud H.

10/22/19 “Everything was just fine” ~Kevin S.

10/22/19 “I think it went pretty well; the movers worked very very hard” ~Debbie M.

10/22/19 “Very professional and courteous.  The crew did a great job.  JR was great.  He has been on previous moving jobs both personal and for my clients.  Very professional.” ~Keith K.

10/19/19 “Very happy with BJ & his crew” ~Fraydoon R.

10/19/19 “It was excellent!” ~Sandy F.

10/19/19 Everything went just fine. They were great!  ~Patricia L.

10/19/19 “It went well, the gentleman was polite and courteous, BJ and his crew were just great!” ~Mike B.

10/18/19″It was great!” ~Lindy K.

10/18/19 “I wasn’t there when the furniture was delivered but my husband was pleased with the guys who came, and we have no complaints” ~Geraldine O.

10/18/19 The guys were awesome! Fast-paced and professional!” ~Mara H.

10/17/19 ” I think everything went just fine, the three guys that came out were great, I’d give you guys an A!” ~Craig H.

10/17/19 “The Movers were just great, very, very nice guys” ~Marilyn F.

10/18/19 “The move went fabulous, and Andre, Pat and Duce were gentlemanly, fast workers and all around wonderful. Jennifer in the office was very professional! White Glove came highly recommended and it was true!” ~Sara M.

10/17/19 “Everything was great, the guys were nice and the whole thing went well! I’m very happy!” ~James K.

10/17/19 “Everything went well, the movers showed up on time, they worked very hard and hustled!”~Bonnie G

10/17/19″The Move went quite well” ~Karen K.

10/17/19 “It was just fine; the guys were outstanding! They really helped us immensely” ~Julia B.

10/17/19 “The Movers did a great job!” ~John D.

10/15/19 “The move was a ten and will recommend to others.  They were professional and courteous.  Careful with furniture.  Michael, King and Shaquille were all great!” ~Marie C.

10/15/19 “It went very well” ~Amanda V.

10/15/19 “The move went great, couldn’t ask for a better group of guys!” ~Karen P.

10/15/19 “They were efficient, clean, and very respectable, and did a great job.” ~Roger G.

10/15/19 “Everything went great!”~Susan P

10/15/19 “The guys were great, they did a super, super job”

10/15/19″Everything went so well, just like every time!” ~Jennifer B.

10/15/19 “It went smoothly” ~Beverly H.

10/13/19″Kevin, Phil and DJ did a great job packing things, Ollice and Phil and DJ during the actual move, were very patient and allowed me to bring in items into the house the exact way I wanted them brought in and they were very patient with me.” ~Jane S.

10/13/19 “It was a fabulous move! The Guys, Roy, Kevin were wonderful! If I ever need to move again, White Glove is the only mover I’d use! ~Maureen T.

10/13/19 “The guys did a great job! They were very efficient, very polite, everything you’d want in a moving company!” ~Randy P.

10/13/19 “Everything went fine, and we are in and it was great!” ~Catherine P.

10/13/19″The move went great; the movers were excellent” ~Joe M.

10/5/19 Everything went smoothly! The timing and pricing were great! My contact person was Ashley in Vero Beach and she couldn’t have possibly have been more helpful, courteous and a pleasure to work with. Moving is fairly stressful and she goes out of her way to take the bumps and lumps out of the process. Trey, our delivery driver was also top notch. Moving out of state has never been easier! ~Bekins Customer

9/30/19 “Really appreciate the movers, they were very courteous” ~Julian M.

9/27/19 “JR and Kevin were the best movers ever, very friendly and just as nice as can be! I was very, very pleased!” ~Joan M.

9/27/19 “The move was awesome!” ~Sue J.

9/25/19 “Nothing but great praise for the movers that came to move me, I would highly recommend white glove and have many times over the years!” ~Judith S.

9/25/19 “Absolute best moving company I have ever used! The three guys were the best movers! The truth is that I’ve never experienced such helpful and nice movers and I’ve moved several times in my life!” ~Geraldine S.

9/25/19 “We are happy, very happy with your services, Anthony, Ollie and Roy were great! ~Gypsy D.

9/24/19 “Everything was beyond fine!” ~Tom D.

9/24/19 “I prefer White Glove Glove Movers over anyone else!” ~Kevin C.

9/24/19 “The movers were great!” ~Ernie D.

9/24/19 “It was great! Andre & Shaquille, they were fantastic, I’d hire White Glove again!” ~Maureen K.

9/24/19 The guys were great!” ~Tracy H.

9/24/19 “Everything went really well” ~Doug S.

9/24/19 “They did a very efficient job, very pleasant, Willie especially was very good.” ~Patricia P.

9/24/19 “I want to thank you and White Glove for a very successful and seamless move on
September 21, 2019. The move was not easy due to the multiple pick-ups and deliveries and White Glove handled it with ease .I especially want to recognize the outstanding performance by your staff- Chris, Andre, King and Jermaine. Not only did they take precious care of our furnishings so they arrived undamaged, they did it with a smile, great attitude and humor. Well done White Glove!!! This performance was also experienced in 2015 when White Glove was involved in my work-related move- the storage and re-delivery of the Sea Oaks Beach Club renovation! Consistent above average performance is the best advertising a company can hope for. White Glove has this high standard. ~Pamela D.

9/23/19 “Nothing but the highest compliments to Dorian, Kevin and Tim” ~Ernie D.

9/23/19 “Everything was fantastic, the movers you sent were fantastic, I highly recommend them, they were polite and effective and fun” ~Line L.

9/23/19 “All the movers were great, just great!”~Susan H.

9/23/19 “David and those guys were the greatest movers, they did an absolutely wonderful job!” ~Tony C

9/23/19 “It went so great! The movers made it so easy! They were so accommodating” ~Annie K.

9/23/19 ” The move went really well, the guys were great” ~Karen W.

9/23/19 “The move was very nice, very professional!” ~Robert C.

9/23/19 “I thought the movers were great, and did a great job” ~Gary R.

9/19/19 “The guys were just great, and so friendly!” ~Marie S.

9/19/19 ” The movers are so professional and so friendly, the welcome bag is lovely. We are so glad we chose White Glove!” ~Barbara B.

9/19/19 ” It was great, the guys were awesome, hard workers and quick, I give them 5 stars!” ~Debbie F.

9/18/19 “The guys were great!” ~Anne M.

9/18/19 “Dorian and Kevin were wonderful” ~Donna D.

9/17/19 “Everything was perfect!”~Joe N.

9/17/19 “Everyone was great, the crew was excellent and they worked super hard and I think you have a great company! ~Susan H.

9/17/19 “The move went fine, the guys were very professional” ~John P.

9/17/19 “Dorian and his helper were outstanding!” ~Bob A.

9/17/19 T”hank you for being a sponsor with The Gift Cards helping Families & Seniors of Port St Lucie. We will be turning them over to the Police Chiefs at Port St Lucie Police Department soon so they can give them out. Also as I said prior your employees did an excellent job moving the furniture for us at Watson Realty Corp, PSL Extremely Professional and Very Polite.” ~Bob & Michele

9/17/19 “I will highly recommend White Glove and I will gladly utilize your services in the future too if the need arises. Working with Jeff was great – he was very knowledgeable while being professional yet personable. JW, King and Chris were AWESOME….they made a lot of hard work seem like another day in the Park. They were hardworking and did so very kindly and considerately. Their services were greatly appreciated.” Meri-de M.

9/17/19  “So pleased with the move” ~CJ M.

9/16/19 “I thought the move went great, very smooth, the guys were great” ~Alison Z.

9/16/19 “The guys were great, everything went very well” ~Susie W.

9/12/19 “The movers were just fine, went as smooth as a move could go” ~Jane H.

9/12/19 “Everything went great!” ~Katie F.

9/12/19 “The movers were very efficient” ~Brandi C.

9/10/19 “The move went great, really great” ~Stephanie R.

9/10/19 “The movers were fantastic” ~Michelle W.

9/10/19 “Everything went great, the guys were great” ~Mike N.

9/10/19 “Movers were hard workers” ~Pam D.

9/10/19 “Everything was good” ~Ken W.

9/6/19 “Everything went just fine” ~Susan C.

9/4/19 “The guys were great, and they did a great job.” ~Glen F.

9/4/19 “Jeffrey Rocks! The move was just absolutely perfect! On the scale on 1-10, it was a 100!” ~Dana H.

9/4/19 “They did a very good job and they were very nice” ~Joan P.

9/4/19 “Everything was perfect, Thank you!” ~Tess M.

9/4/19 “Everything went smoothly and the movers who did the job were nice, efficient and cheerful!” ~Steven K.

8/30/19 “The crew did a good job and worked hard” ~Randi R.

8/30/19 “Our movers were fantastic, fast, courteous, everything you would want in a mover! ~Ellen P.

8/30/19 “Good crew, they did very well” ~William G.

8/29/19 “They did a bang-up job and J.R. was excellent!” ~Timothy E.

8/29/19 “Flawless! both Phil and Kevin did an excellent job!” ~Ron L.

8/29/19 “The movers were very professional and very good, I will definitely use your services again!” ~Cynthia C.

8/29/19 “The guys did a good job, they were very cooperative and careful!” ~John N.

8/28/19 “The guys were unbelievable! Funny & Agreeable on both days!” ~Pam B.

8/26/19 “We love Mike and Scooter!” ~Dana B.

8/26/19 “Everything went well” ~Lisa K.

8/26/19 Ashley; your team was absolutely wonderful. Thanks so much!  ~Debra P.

8/21/19 “Willie and the other guys were great” ~Kelli K.

8/21/19 “The guys were just wonderful, so helpful, and so compassionate with my in-laws, especially Mike, he was kind and very polite!” ~Jeanine B.

8/21/19 “The guys did an outstanding job, everything was great!” ~Felix B.

8/20/19 “Best 6 guys I’ve ever worked with in my life, kind, efficient and just easy to have in my house. I’ve already recommended you to two people!” ~Elaine M.

8/20/19 “They did a good job, we will use you again in a few months!”~Gardner B.

8/20/19 “You did a great job and the price wasn’t bad. We will definitely use you again if we decide to move again!”~Ed M.

8/20/19 “The guys were awesome, just fantastic! I’m impressed with your company and how you treat your movers. I’ll be putting up a review in a few days” ~Bonny S.

8/20/19 “It was perfect, it all went very very well, Andre & Roy were on top of everything! They were kind of like long lost friends, they made the move so comfortable! The move itself was impeccable” ~Dru H.

8/16/19 “The guys were quite good at the packing and moving” ~Lee M.

8/13/19 “The guys were absolutely great!” ~Cami K.

8/13/19 “They guys were absolutely wonderful and the move went quite well” ~Anne C.

8/13/19 “The guys were great, everything went very well” ~Susan C.

8/13/19 “It went really smoothly” ~Cindy K.

8/13/19 “Willie was a great leader with the guys. Got them going quickly and kept them moving. They were great!” ~Susan M.

8/13/19 “It was fabulous” ~Laura G.

8/6/19 “Pleased Overall” ~Yvonne S.

8/6/19 “It went very well, just like everyone said, White Glove really is the best around!” ~Jack M.

8/6/19″ It was a fantastic move, the crew that came was just outstanding!” ~Charles H.


8/6/19 “It was fabulous, the guys were great, it was a difficult move but they seemed to do it quite easily, it rained and they waited quite patiently for it to stop.” ~ Anne C.

8/6/19 “Andre and Pat were great, and White glove made our lives and move so much easier!” Lynne M.

8/6/19″ I don’t know where you find such good workers! Bj and all the unpackers were just amazing. I’ve moved so many times in my life but this is the most professional moving company I have come across.” ~Susie W.

8/6/19 “Everything went quite well.” ~Deborah R.

8/6/19 “I love you guys, Jeff, and the movers were spectacular! I couldn’t have asked for a better group of gentleman to work with and the welcome bag was a very nice touch. It was a great job right from the beginning” ~June A.

7/31/19 “The guys were very Kind, they waited very patiently while the power washers finished” ~Colleen V.

7/31/19 “The move went fantastic, the guys James and Duece were more then courteous and it just went so well.” ~ Mark I.

7/31/19 “It was good” ~Ericka D.

7/31/19 “It was Excellent, everybody was polite, they knew just what to do, It was just perfect, I couldn’t have asked for better” ~Peter P.

7/31/19 “It was wonderful as usual” ~ Patti P.

7/31/19 “We were very happy with the move. The movers worked like a ball of fire, Willie was great.” ~John G.

7/31/19 ” It was fantastic, you guys did a great job!” ~Rebecca P.

7/31/19 “I loved the guys, they were great, everything made it 1400 miles and not one broken item!” Penny A.

7/26/19 “The guys were great. I had 2 separate crews with the lead being Ant, They were all very respectful and caring.” Allan B.

7/25/19 “It went really well.” ~Molly H.

7/24/19 “Just Spectacular, every person starting with Deanna was just wonderful, Jennifer set the exact date we needed, and BJ and Romar were amazing, they knew how to handle my mom’s antique pieces! Everyone was so helpful, polite and professional and I would recommend White Glove to anyone! They were so kind and accommodating!” !” ~ Michelle S.

7/24/19 “You guys did an amazing job, very polite and so easy to work with you guys are always our first choice!” ~Mike H.

7/24/19 “Everything was beyond good.” ~Art S.

7/24/19 “The move was great, the guys were on time, polite and professional, it looked like a ballet!  ~Marilyn S.

7/24/19 “You guys are amazing, absolutely amazing.” ~Pam B.

7/24/19 “They were excellent, they were professional, Anthony and Olly really knew what they were doing! ” ~Ellen P.

7/18/19 “The guys were very professional, the job went smoothly!” ~Linda R.

7/18/19 “The guys were amazing! David King and Fred were so courteous, polite and caring! I can’t say enough good about them.” ~Phil C.

7/18/19 “Everything was beyond great!” ~Marie B.

7/18/19 “Everything went very well. The guys did a really nice job.” ~Elke H.

7/18/19 “They were very professional, everything was great!” ~Helen S.

7/18/19 “Guys did a great job.”~David D.

7/18/19 “It was good, they did a wonderful job.” ~Bill W.

7/18/19 :Everything went great, the guys were awesome, I have no complaints whatsoever.” ~Natalie S.

7/6/19 “Guys did real well” ~Jay H.

7/3/19 “Went very very well, very pleased with the guys” ~Lorraine R.

7/3/19 “It was the best move ever!” ~John C.

7/3/19 “Everything went really well and everything was done to our satisfaction and the three individuals did just a wonderful job.” ~Jack F.

7/3/19 “Everything went well” ~George  C.

7/2/19 ” Everything over all was fine, the guys were very quick and efficient and were very kind” ~ Mary J.

7/2/19 Went great, we are very happy- Carol A.

7/2/19 ” Everything went really well, I would use you again “~Kim W.

6/28/19 “It was great, the guys were great and the office staff was so kind and helpful. Everyone says you guys are the best in town and they are right! ” ~Linda J.

6/28/19 “Absolutely Fabulous, it was so worth the wait, those guys were just wonderful, they couldn’t have nicer. They went out of their to make sure I was happy and that each item was placed where I wanted it!” ~Cindy M.

6/28/19 Everything went just fine.” ~Leslie W.

6/28/19 “It was great, the guys wonderful” ~Gertrude A.

6/28/19 “No complaints. Quite pleased.” ~Edward L.

6/25/19 “Wonderful, I can’t express how wonderful it was!”~ Laura L.

6/25/19 “Guys were good. ” ~Robert L.

6/25/19 “Guys were fast and good.” ~Tom E.

6/25/19 “Just an Awesome Experience, we have moved this household 4 times and this was the best. The guys were quick and fast!”~ Elaine S.

6/25/19 “The Fellows did a great job and they were very efficient. ” ~Carol R.

6/25/19 “Crew was wonderful!” ~Jennifer B.

6/25/19 “Everything went just fine. You guys have done more than enough to accommodate my moving needs and thank you for that.” ~John M.

6/25/19 “It went very good. Thank you so much.” ~Jolene R.

6/24/19 “So far so good. You guys will be storing the furniture until it gets shipped to New York.” ~Andrew G.

6/18/19 “Everything was good.” ~Vanessa E.

6/13/19 “Jermaine and Ollice did exceptionally  and completed the job with no mishaps.” ~Brenda O.

6/12/19 “Everything went great, the guys were polite and helpful, just a great experience. ” ~Dana L.

6/12/19 “The move went very good. No complaints.” ~Karolyn S.

6/12/19 “The move went fantastic!” ~Peter Newman

6/10/19 “Everything was great, The guys were just so wonderful.” ~HBOI Foundation

6/10/19 “Everything went very smoothly, guys were very friendly.” ~Drew S.

6/25/19 “Wonderful, I can’t express how wonderful it was!”~ Laura L.

6/25/19 “Guys were good. ” ~Robert L.

6/25/19 “Guys were fast and good.” ~Tom E.

6/25/19 “Just an Awesome Experience, we have moved this household 4 times and this was the best. The guys were quick and fast!”~ Elaine S.

6/25/19 “The Fellows did a great job and they were very efficient. ” ~Carol R.

6/25/19 “Crew was wonderful!” ~Jennifer B.

6/25/19 “Everything went just fine. You guys have done more than enough to accommodate my moving needs and thank you for that.” ~John M.

6/25/19 “It went very good. Thank you so much.” ~Jolene R.

6/24/19 “So far so good. You guys will be storing the furniture until it gets shipped to New York.” ~Andrew G.

6/18/19 “Everything was good.” ~Vanessa E.

6/13/19 “Jermaine and Ollice did exceptionally  and completed the job with no mishaps.” ~Brenda O.

6/12/19 “Everything went great, the guys were polite and helpful, just a great experience. ” ~Dana L.

6/12/19 “The move went very good. No complaints.” ~Karolyn S.

6/12/19 “The move went fantastic!” ~Peter Newman

6/10/19 “Everything was great, The guys were just so wonderful.” ~HBOI Foundation

6/10/19 “Everything went very smoothly, guys were very friendly.” ~Drew S.

6/10/19 “Oh no complaints! Those guys just worked like troopers, polite and helpful, oh they were just terrific.” ~Pat C.

6/10/19 “They were great.” ~Tanya H.

6/10/19 “It was excellent, your guys were excellent.” ~Edward L.

6/7/19 “Move went wonderful, can’t say enough good things. ” ~Maureen M.

6/7/19 “The guys were very professional and efficient .” ~Gary B.

6/1/19 “Guys were great! We will recommend White Glove to our family and friends.” ~Victor L.

5/31/19 “They were quick and careful and obliging. Courteous and considerate, Chris, Angel, roman and durst were just wonderful!”.~Jackie F.

5/30/19 The service and move this past Saturday was over and above what we expected and I want to let you know. King and Kevin  were spectacular.  Courteous, accommodating, and careful.  Can’t say enough good things about them. And we were so touched by the gift bag.  After a hard long day that special touch was a wonderful ending.  And we loved the poem. Thank you again and know that we will highly recommend you and use you for any future moves.  ~Susan and Dale H.

5/31/19 “They were quick and careful and obliging. Courteous and considerate, Chris, Angel, roman and durst were just wonderful!”.~Jackie F.

5/30/19 The service and move this past Saturday was over and above what we expected and I want to let you know. King and Kevin  were spectacular.  Courteous, accommodating, and careful.  Can’t say enough good things about them. And we were so touched by the gift bag.  After a hard long day that special touch was a wonderful ending.  And we loved the poem. Thank you again and know that we will highly recommend you and use you for any future moves.  ~Susan and Dale H.

5/30/19 “Everything is fine, you’ve got it in storage, and we will be calling in September for it. Yes, I’d say everything went fine” ~Laurie N.

5/30/19 “Always pleased with White Glove and appreciates us.” ~John M.

5/30/19 “Great, great, no problem at all, team was great. We will pass your number along to anyone we know who is moving.” ~Ken M.

5/30/19 ” Things seemed to go along quite smoothly.” Susan P.

5/30/19 “Guys were great!” ~Carolyn M.

5/30/19 “No complaints whatsoever, those guys are professional and proficient!” ~Joe H.

5/29/19 “Went great, guys were great. Trey was awesome.” ~Bill B.

5/24/19 “Phil, Jr and Fred  were “professional, polite, just top of the line.” ~Mike S.

5/23/19 “Guys took such good care of me and such good care of my things. It was a perfect move.” ~Barbara K.

5/22/19 “No complaints, everything went very well!” ~Van S.

5/22/19 OMG, you guys were awesome! I can’t praise them enough! Very Pleased with all of it! Sending a little something in the mail for King, Mike and Dennis!” ~Angie Y.

5/22/19 ”Did a terrific job, we were very pleased, couldn’t be more pleased! And thank you for the gift of wine and coupons.” ~Tim M.

5/22/19 “They guys Willie and Jeff were just wonderful, very polite and very professional!” ~Trish J.

5/22/19 “Andre and the other guys name were just great, no complaints at all.” ~Jim K.

5/22/19 “Everything went great!” ~Nancy W.

5/21/19 “No issues at all.” ~Kaneb

5/21/19 I would rate White Glove as a 10.” ~Mary C.

5/21/19 “This is the second time we’ve used white glove and we are really pleased.” ~Jim Y.

5/21/19 “The fellas were great, very professional!” ~Elaine S.

5/20/19 “The guys were professional all the way… 10’s on everything!” ~Lee M.

5/20/19 “I am very happy, guys were hard workers and polite.” ~Don G.

5/20/19 “The guys did a good job.” ~Luis B.

5/17/19 “It was great!” ~Christina V.

5/17/19 Everything is going well so far. Very happy with everybody. It’s a good company.” ~Martha L.

5/16/19 “Everything went just fine.” ~Colleen L.

5/16/19 “Went great, thanks!” ~Delafield

5/11/19 “Guys were just wonderful & very respectful.” ~Jean W.

5/11/19 “They were on time, courteous and went out of their way to accommodate us.” ~Robin L.

5/11/19 “Job went well, no issues.” ~Melody I.

5/10/19 “The movers were great!”  ~Steve B.

5/10/19 ” They handled it very well.” ~Arthur T

5/10/19 ” Ant and CJ did an awesome job.” ~Darlene O.

5/10/19 “Jeff and the crew were exceptional. ” ~Steve S.

5/9/19 “Everything went very well and I would definitely use you guys again.” ~Raymond G.

5/9/19 “Everything went very very well.” ~Janet A.

5/8/19 “The guys truly did a wonderful job on my end.” ~Roy V.

5/7/19 “David and Fred did great.” ~Tom H.

5/6/19 “Everything was fine and she appreciated us.” ~Larry C.

5/3/19 “Very nice. They were good.” Tao Z.

5/2/19 “Your guys were awesome. They were in and out.” ~Nancy O.

5/2/19 “Everything turned out just fine.” ~William B.

5/2/19 “Everything went very well. The guys were very nice and efficient.” ~Victoria B.

4/30/19 “Everything went really well. Thank you so much.” ~Peter S.

4/30/19 “Everything went really well. Thank you so much.” ~Peter S.

4/29/19 “You guys always do such a great job. JR, Fred and Jermaine were awesome!” ~Sayre S.

4/28/19 “Your guys did such a nice job, that’s why I was lucky enough to use you guys again.” ~Daniel G.

4/24/19 “Everything went very well and we were impressed at how fast you were able to accommodate.  ~Harry B.

4/23/19 “Everything went very well. I know the guys had to spend some time at a stand still while I transferred the funds over, but please let them know I appreciate everything. ” ~Ron B.

4/23/19 “I was very happy with the guys. They did a great job. Please tell Ben I said thank you for his help.” ~Krista G.

4/18/19 “The guys were awesome and I really mean it.” ~Thomas G.

4/17/19 “Everything went well. I couldn’t ask for a better day or move. Anthony, Ollice and CJ were fantastic. No complaints, infact I am very impressed.” ~Ron G.

4/17/19 “Everything went very good. Thank you!” ~Roy V.

4/17/19 “This was one of the best moves I have ever had. Thank you so much and please let Mike, Jason and King know I said thank you.” ~Roy V.

4/17/19 “Everything went really well. BJ, Fred and Jermaine were awesome.” ~Polly H.

4/17/19 “Everything went great, and the group of guys were so nice – David, S.Roy and Ollice”  ~Charles W.

4/16/19 Really quick wanted to say that Anthony Angel and I believe the other was David did an awesome job!!! They kept a stressful time easy. They workedfast yet chatted and joked around with my Dad and I and when we find our home and need everything moved again we will be requesting these guys. They treated our things like there own. Your company has never disappointed.
Thank you all for your excellent work!!! ~Cullen W.

4/16/19 ” Tim and Jason were great, I was very pleased and thankful.” ~April S.

4/11/19 “Very pleased with Jeff and Willie. So far so good. Everything ran very smoothly.” ~Irene C.

4/11/19 “So far so good. The men were very nice.” ~Isabella B.

4/10/19 “I have never met a better group of guys. Ant, Dave, and CJ were awesome! They were all in-tune with each other and worked strategically. They were dressed impeccably as well. I bought some lunch and told them to sit down and take a break, and they said they wanted to get a few things off the trucks. They were like robots! I have moved plenty of times and this was by far the best move I have ever had.” ~Steve C.

4/10/19 “”I had the best team BJ, Fred and JR were excellent.” ~Chris E.

4/10/19 “I am so very grateful and happy with the guys.” ~Linda Z.

4/9/19 “Anthony, DJ and David were exceptional. They were friendly, funny and courteous.” ~Eric B.

4/9/19 “Fred and JR had me smiling all day. They were funny, but very careful at the same time. We had a great day together.” ~Anthony D.

4/8/19 “Now that we’re settling in here at the Lakes, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for an outstanding moving experience. We have had movers in the past and your team has been our best experience with what is generally a grueling process. Dave, BJ and King were great! Please extend our thanks to them.” ~Roger D.

4/8/19 “Carolyn said the guys were very nice and she appreciated their help.” ~Sam K.

4/5/19 “The guys did a great job. Please let the crew know I am very pleased.” ~Bill W.

4/4/19 “White Glove is always good to me. Thank you so much for your help during this as well.” ~Gibb Residence

4/3/19 “You guys did a great job. No Complaints” ~Mike B.

4/3/19 ” Everything went really great. I really liked JR and Fred. They were very nice and efficient.” ~Larry B.

4/3/19 “The guys were great. This was actually my 4th or 5th move. I told the guys I would see them in a couple of years.” ~Elizabeth V.

3/29/19  “Everything went well to my knowledge.” ~RDV

3/29/19 “So impressed with Anthony and CJ. She couldn’t get over how well everything went.” ~Jeanette H.

3/29/19 “Everything went really well. The team was wonderful. They all worked so well with each other.” ~Pamela W.

3/26/19 “Your men were fabulous. They did an exceptional job. We appreciate their hard work and dedication.” ~Jarrett T.

3/25/19 “The gentlemen did a very nice job. I am still unpacking boxes and will have you come to pick them up when I am done.” ~Betsy S.

3/21/19 “The men were excellent.” ~Clifford A.

3/21/19 “Everything went quite well. I am actually very pleased.” ~Brian F.

3/21/19 “Everything went surprisingly well considering everyone has horror stories about furniture being broken, or lost. The guys were extra careful with all my furniture and nothing is broke. I was and am very pleased with the move.” ~Val S.

3/20/19 “So good.  I thought the guys were very nice.” ~Russ H.

3/15/19 “Your guys were great!” ~Tom C.

3/15/19 “The guys did a nice job, and they were very quick.” ~John L.

3/15/19 “Dorian, Kevin and Derrick were wonderful. They were so careful, efficient and cordial. I had rented 3 storage units just in case and Dorian insisted they were going to try and save me money by fitting everything into 1 unit, and they sure did. They were all just a pleasure to be around. I was actually quite surprised to find out that they were not everyday partners, beacuse they all worked so well with each other.” ~Donna S.

3/12/19 “JR and his team were absolutely excellent.” ~Andrew K.

3/11/19 “Willie and Andre were Phenomenal. I am very very very satisfied. They were both so quick and it was like tetrus watching them load the truck. They were very efficient and I will definitely refer you to my family and friends. Totally amazed.” ~Erica D.

3/8/19 “Thank you so much. Everything worked out well.” ~Citrus Grillhouse

3/5/19 “I’m ecstatic and couldn’t be more happier with the guys. Dorian and his crew were amazing! ~Laura B.

3/2/19 “You guys always do such a nice job. That’s why I will only call you.” ~Jane S.

3/2/19 “The guy were great, the move was great, everything went perfect.” ~Paige B.

3/1/19 “Your guys did a very nice job, and they were fast and efficient.” ~Joe P.

3/1/19 ” Bj, Roy and Jermaine did a terrific job. They displayed great customer communication and were very friendly. I am also in the business and have never had a move go so well.” ~Dick G.

2/28/19 “I must say I was very impressed with my guys. Andre was a terrific leader. He excepted each mans short comings and encouraged them to do a great job. He talked to his team nicely and was able to keep the pace. Again I will say this Andre is an excellent leader and I am very appreciative for all of the men’s hard work.” ~Carol T.

2/22/19 “The men were so nice and friendly!” ~Beth S.

2/18/19 “I was very pleased you could fit me in with such a short notice. ” ~Joan W.

2/18/19 “You guys have been so flexible with this pick up and delivery. Thank you so much!” ~Kristen B.

2/18/19 “I thought the guys did an awesome job!” ~Jan A.

2/18/19 ” The men did a good job. They started right away and finished everything within a reasonable time.” ~Linda B.

2/18/19 “Jake and Phil did a wonderful job!’ ~Maryanne B.

2/15/19 “Everything went so well. Thank you for squeezing us in in such a short notice.” ~Mary L.

2/14/19 “The team did an awesome job!” ~Becky M.

2/14/19 “The guys did a great job. I was very impressed with the crew and how well everything went.” ~Kim B.

2/11/19 “I was so impressed with the guys. Very happy it went so well.  ~Ron Y.

2/11/19 “Everything went really well. I was very impressed with Jake and his partner Roy(Scooter), They did such a great and really exceeded my expectations.” ~Barbara C.

2/11/19 “I was very pleased.” ~Rich D.

2/11/19 “I was very pleased with the great group of guys you sent out.Thank You for a job well done!” Kim F.

2/7/19 “Everything went surprisingly well.” ~Nancy H.

2/4/19 “The move was excellent. Thank you so much.” ~Ellen P.

2/4/19 “Thank you so much for being accommodating and helping me. The guys were excellent and everything worked out perfectly.” ~Robin S.

2/4/19 “Everything went fine. Thank You.” ~Christine B.

2/4/19 ” Andre & Cj were great! They went above and beyond for her and she wants to make sure the get the praise they deserve.  ~Katie B.

2/4/19 “They did a really wonderful job. Thank you so much.” ~Simone G.

1/29/19 “The guys were absolutely terrific. I gotta tell you they were the most well mannered, well dress, polite men I have met. BJ was the man in charge and did a great job at running his team. I am very impressed.” ~Robert B.

1/29/19 ” Jake and Angel were the 2 best guys. The move couldn’t have gone better. If anyone asks me about moving I will definitely tell them to call you, and please let the guys know they did a great job.” ~Barbara S.

1/24/19 “I was very please; thank you.” ~Kim F.

1/18/19 “Anthony and Takota were very good. We had Anthony last time too. The way they just knew what to do was awesome.” ~Angela B.

1/18/19 “Everything went great. Thank you so much and please tell the guys I said thank you.” ~Ed T.

1/18/19 “The guys were so great and did an outstanding job. Now its just going to take some time to unpack and settled in.” ~Lifestyle Concierge

1/15/19  “It was a very good experience.Thanks again to Jennifer and the crew all three guys (Mike, CJ, Chris) were excellent

1/15/19 “Your guys are awesome. Its always so easy working with the guys. Thank you very much.” ~Laura P.

1/3/19 “Went very well and guys were very strong.” ~Maxine S.

12/31/18 “The guys were great, fast and efficient. Everything got done fairly quickly” ~Kristen S.

12/24/18 “The guys did a really nice job. I am sorry I couldn’t be there , but will definitely be there for the delivery out. ~Joan A.

12/24/18 “Everything went perfect! Thank you all for your help.” ~Christine B.

12/21/18 The actual customer Mr. Policare called in and said everything surprisingly went really well. He appreciates all the help from us. ~Orc

12/20/18  Just want you to know how pleased we were with White Glove.  The  three men assigned to us on 12/17 were very efficient, did not waste a moment of time, very detailed in preparing furniture, and very careful with loading and unloading. They were also very cooperative courteous  and never hesitated to respond to any request I may have had. We were more than delighted. Thank you for your service. ~Susan B.

12/20/18 “The guys were great the crew was wonderful. I love it.” ~Mark J.

12/19/18 “You guys are Amazing! Thank you so much for taking such great care of the piano. Please tell the guys I said Thank you so much.” ~Genevieve D.

12/18/18 “The guys did an amazing job with not only my move, but with my client’s move. Thank you so much!” ~Linda A.

12/17/18 “Thank you so much. The boys were very pleasant to work with and they moved everything within a reasonable time.” ~Margerette D.

12/14/18 “Jake and Dorian were exceptional. They were so kind, fast and careful with all of our belongings. We will definitely be using you for our upcoming move.” ~Michele H.

12/13/18 “Words can’t express how pleased I am with White Glove. You guys managed to fit us in your schedule on such a short notice. The guys did very well and so far so good.” ~Marci H.

12/13/18 ” I was very happy with the way things turned out. The guys moved my black baby grand piano so carefully. In fact my neighbor said she was so impressed at how well the guys treated her home at the pick up. You guys did an exceptional job and your estimate was right on target.” ~Michael A.

12/13/18 “They men were very nice and helpful. Thank you so much.” ~Mary C.

12/11/18 She said the guys were great and she was very pleased with them.” ~Tina K.

12/10/18 “The guys were awesome.Your guys totally redeemed themselves.” ~Jane S.

12/10/18 “My expectations were very high for my move and I must say that your guys exceeded my expectations. They did such a nice job.” ~Steven B.

12/7/18 “You guys did well. In fact everything went so great, I thank you so much. You guys are very thorough.” ~Edna S.

12/7/18  “The guys did wonderful. JR, Mark and King were great.” ~The Buggy Bunch

12/6/18 “Antonio Aka Anthoy, King and Miike did good. They all so friendly and kind. They did a really nice job.” ~Norman S.

12/6/18 ” Everything went really really good. We were extremely happy. Like really Really. We couldn’t have had a better group of guys. Anthony, Fred and CJ were awesome.” ~Kelly B.

12/3/18 “The guys did a wonderful. The driver Anthony was so helpful. The only thing that concerns me is my adjustable bed. I feel like the legs are not lifting as high as they should. The bed is still under warranty so If I have to file a claim with them I can.” ~Jeanette M.

11/29/18 “The guys were excellent. They did a beautiful job. I wil need you in about a month or so. Please tell them thank you.” ~Mirena L.

11/29/18 ” The guys were just wonderful. We have not unpacked everything but I am so glad to get out of our old place. I will be needing to ship some items to Wyoming soon and I will give you a call.” ~Jane S.

11/27/18 ” I thought it went very well.” ~Laurie N.

11/27/18 “You always do a nice job and that it why I continue to use you. Tim, CJ and Fred were so thorough it was great.” ~Natalie H.

11/22/18 “Jeff and Takota were so friendly and helpful.” ~Charmaine C.

11/21/18 “BJ and his team were wonderful. They were fast and efficient. Please tell them thank you.” ~Shirley W.

11/20/18 “The guys were very nice, and efficient.” ~Doreen J.

11/20/18 “The guys did a very nice job.” ~Elizabeth W.

11/16/18 “You all have been so nice to work with. Thank you for receiving my furniture and delivering everything to me in good condition.” ~Nancy H.

11/17/18 “Everyone did a lovely job. I know there were many parts to this move and you guys put everything together so nicely. Thank you so much.” ~Dana H.

11/17/18 ” Oh my goodness I have to tell you. Not one thing was broken. Not one thing is missing. We have unpacked everything and everything was handled with such great care. Anthony, Roy and King were exceptional. My mother was in love with King and Anthony. Also a big Thank you to Jeff Jennifer and you for making this easy peasy. You guys rock!” ~Roberta S.

11/16/18 “Dj , Chris and Mark were absolutely Amazing! I cant express how pleased I was with all 3 of them. I will definitely be going on my social media to post a review and recommend you to everyone I know.” ~Edward A.

11/15/18 “I don’t have a bad thing to say about the guys. They were very friendly and couold not have been nicer.” ~Angela B.

11/14/18 “Anthony and Angel were so pleasant to work with, and very professional. Anthony called on the way and arrived exactly when he said he would, and everything was surprisingly done quickly.”~Chris L.

11/14/18 “Tim and Takota were great. They were very careful, friendly and curteous. You have a great group of guys.” ~Gordon C.

11/14/18 “The guys were awesome. I couldn’t believe how fast they were able to drive to Tampa load and unload all before 2pm.” ~Donna R.

11/14/18 “I had the best guys. Bj is definitely my favorite. I didn’t have a bed frame for the bed and BJ told my husband where to go and the guys set up the bed so nicely.” ~Barb W.

11/12/18 “I was not present for the delivery, but I will say they guys called me first thing in the morning as they were on the way, and they called me once everything was loaded in my storage unit. The manager at the storage facility said they were very kind and professional. They loaded the unit exactly how I requested keeping the furniture up front.” ~Mark Z.

11/12/18 “The guys were exceptional. They were very friendly and kind.” ~Robert D.

11/12/18 “The guys did a great job. You guys have really helped me this Summer and I really appreciate it.” ~Ashley Q.

11/9/18 “Love the guys!” ~Mary S.

11/7/18 “Mike, Fred and Dorian – they were so amazing.”  ~Barb R.

11/7/18 “Fantastic. Guys were great. ” ~Linda P.

11/6/18 “Couldn’t ask for a better move. The guys were great and I want to know what gym they go to.”~Stephanie G.

11/6/1 8″The move went very, very well. Just a tad more expensive than the move in.”~Rick F.

11/6/18 “Everything went great. I was happy with the crew.” ~Margot F.

11/3/18 “Everything went great.” ~Clem M.

11/2/18 “Loved DJ, Ant and Chris, put a star by their name**” ~Sheila W.

11/1/18″Move went great based on what I heard since I wasn’t actually there.” ~Erin L.

11/1/18 “It went very well. JR was such an incredible guy and when we move next year I would like to request him and his crew.”~Patti P.

11/1/18 “I was not actually down there but the guys that I had receive on behalf of me said that everything looked great. I have used WG multiple times and have great experiences each time.”~Bob M.

11/1/18 “The guys did a great job. They were fast and got everything moved within no time.” ~Dawn L.

10/31/18 “Everything went great with the move. The guys were very nice.”~Joe F.

10/31/18 Kimberly called in immediately after BJ and Jermaine finished and said she was so impresssed. “BJ and Jermaine were so nice and kind.” She was very pleased ~Kim M.

10/25/18 “Such a good crew that was sent. They did great.”~Elizabeth W.

10/25/18 “Whole move went great, Tim and Angel were incredible movers. It is important to have good movers at the face of a company and you have that.” ~Steve S.

10/24/18 “Things went great.”~Fatih G.

10/24/18 “Great job with the move and the guys were efficient.” ~Leo P.

10/23/18 “Giving Jeff, Pat and Angel 5 stars, they are so friendly and professional.” ~Kate M.

10/23/18 “DJ and Chris were so great. I am going to request them when we do our next move in a few months.”~Anne W.

10/21/18 “Mike and Dorian were so awesome to work with. They were friendly and fast.” ~Stephanie S.

10/20/18 “Randy said the guys were great, fast and efficient.” ~Wilson M.

10/17/18 “JR and his team were so amazing and everything looked great.” ~Marilyn A.

10/16/18 “The guys were great.” ~Elaine J.

10/16/18 “The guys did a great job. Thank you so much!” ~10/16/18

10/16/18 “JR was great along with his crew. They were very nice, respectful and caring. I can’t say enough good things about how well they all handled themselves. This was the best move I have ever experienced in my life. The crew was amazing and JR and BJ are great.” ~Frank L.

10/15/18 “The guys were good.” ~Mary Ellen D.

10/15/18 “The guys were so nice and pleasant.”~Vicki B.

10/12/18 ” DJ and Chris were absolutely outstanding. They did such a nice job.” ~Debbie P.

10/10/18 “The guys were very nice.”~Sheila H.

10/10/18 “The guys did a great job. Your always so good to us.” ~Charles C.

10/1/18 “Anthony and the guys did a great job. They made everything run smooth.” ~Roy V.

10/1/18 “The guys did a great job”. ~Susan M.

10/1/18 “The guys did a good job. Please let them know they did great.” ~Oceanview Optical

9/28/18  “The guys did such a nice job and that they were very careful with my belongings.” ~Eliane P.

9/27/18 ” The guys did an excellent job. I couldn’t be more pleased! ~Karen O.

9/21/18 “Everything went well.” ~Jeff G.

9/21/18 “The Guys were so great to us. In fact you guys are always so good to us.” ~Kathy W.

9/21/18 “David and his team are doing a great job. They are very friendly with the residents.” ~David G.

9/19/18 The daughter Jane said the guys always do a nice job. She said her parents were very satisfied with the move.”~Jane S.9/14/18 “The guys were exceptional. ” ~Amit S.

9/14/18 “Stephan and Ollice need to be given a bonus. They went above and beyond considering the mess we made for them. We couldn’t have asked for a better crew. Even our neighbors were impressed, and to top it all of we loved the welcome home bag. Thank You so much.” ~Ed S.

9/14/18  “The move went perfect. Dj came out back in July and he is awesome. He knew exactly what to do and how to direct the guys.”~Mark C.

9/14/18 “The guys were wonderful and I was very pleased with them. I have also referred 3 of my neighbors ass well.” ~Pat D.

9/14/18  “The move was great and couldn’t have been better. The movers were very respectful and pleasant.”~Elizabeth B.

9/14/18 “The Guys were incredible. They did an awesome job. Thank You so much.” ~Bob C.

9/12/18  “Thank you for your flexibility with being able to move her back. Stephan and Jake were so patient and fast.” ~Craig M.

9/12/18  “The guys did an awesome job. The were so professional and efficient.”~Susan B.

9/8/18  “The 3 men were awesome. They were fast and accomodating.”~Rachel M.

9/8/18  “No complaints. They got everything moved safely for my mom in no time.”~Elise E.

9/8/18  “The guys did a really nice job. They were so nice and kind.”~Lil M.

9/8/18  “The guys were excellent. They did a great job at handling everything considering all the stuff we had.”~Richard A.

9/6/18 The Caregiver said Jr and Jermaine were awesome. She even called back to give them each a tip. She said she appreciates the way they handled the situation and Mr. Welch’s belongings.  ~Suzanne W.

9/5/18 “The guys did an awesome job.” ~Gaston

9/5/18  “Everything went well to my knowledge.”~Ashley Q.

8/31/18  “The guys did a great job the first go around and the second. They knew exactly what to do.”~Jay L.

8/30/18 “Anthony and DJ make a great team. I couldn’t believe it only took about 4 hours. They were so fast and and extremely helpful.” ~Steve M.

8/30/18 “Everything went extremely well. The guys were very patient and friendly.” ~Maureen M.

8/29/18 “The move went very well. The guys did a great job. Thank you so much.” ~Barbara S.

8/28/18 “These gentlemen moved us last week on the 22nd of August. I want to let you know that in all of the times that we have moved, these three were the most professional and courteous movers we have ever had in our home. They took every effort to ensure that every piece of furniture was wrapped and nothing was damaged. They were fast and efficient and I could not have asked for a better team to move my furniture. Please let them know that I reached out to you and once again give them my thanks. Also please give my thanks to Joe Tuckett. He really rolled up his sleeves to make this deal happen for you guys. A great salesman with a customer and company focus.” ~James R.

8/27/18 ” I was so happy with Anthony and Fred. They were great. I was a little thrown off when I expected 3 men to show up and only saw 2. But to my amazement they did everything plus more.” ~Santos V.

8/24/18  ~”Everything was good. The guys were fast and worked well together.”Keith K.

8/24/18 “Everything went well. Mike and his team were very attentive and that why I will only use White Glove.” ~Peggy B.

8/24/18 “Everything went fantastic. The Guys did fantastic. There were no incidents, or issues and I loved the bag. We have already put most of the items to use and I loved the wine. I will definitely refer White Glove to everyone I know. ~Glenn R.

8/24/18  “The guys were wonderful. I was quite impressed with the boxing and unboxing. You have some really nice men working there. Please let them know I am very happy.”~Charmaine C.

8/23/18 “Your men did such a nice job for me. Thank you so much.” ~Lynn M.

8/23/18 “We have used you guys before and your guys are always fast and efficient.” ~Service Master

8/21/18 “The guys did great. They were super gentle with everything. I have gone through everything and not a single piece was damaged. Thank You so much.” ~Shelby P.

8/20/18 “The guys did a great job for me. Thank You” ~Dan D.

8/20/18 “The guys were extremely helpful. Thank You so much.” ~John W.

8/10/18 ” Everything was good. The guys did a nice job for me.” ~Glenn G.

8/2/18 “Willie and Kevin were the best. I love them. They did such a nice job” ~Joan T.

8/2/18 “JR and Kevin were wonderful. She said they went above and beyond and I am super happy.” ~Donna H.

8/2/18 ” The guys were the best thing since sliced bread. I will definitely recommend you in the future.” Burge M.

7/20/18 “The guys did an awesome job from what my husband told me. The hot tub was a lot heavier than expected, but the guys never gave up. It looks so nice at my home. Thank you so much.” ~Moffitt S.

7/14/18 “Anthony and Mike were so friendly and fast. They made sure the bed was moved and put back together before I had to leave to drop my children off.” ~Peter S.

7/13/18 “Willie, Thank you so much for providing excellent service during our move. You were so helpful to us. We could never thank you enough for making our move so stress free. We would never hesitate to recommend your services to others.” ~Kim & Aaron B.

7/11/18 “Jeff and Stephan were exceptional. They told me to relax while they took care of everything. My move went so smooth and I really appreciate the help.” ~Maureen M.

7/2/18  “Andre and Stephan did an excellent job. They were super tentative and friendly. I give the whole experience a 10 out of 10.”~Barbara M.

6/29/18 “The guys did very well and they were terrific.” ~Brenda M.

6/28/18 “Everything went good. The guys were very helpful and I appreciate their hard work.” ~Shirley M.

6/18/18 Willie and Fred from White Glove moved my mom from Sebastian to Hollywood. They were beyond amazing. We were so impressed with the job they did. Ten stars for the two of them.

6/14/18 “The guys did a great job.” ~Elizabeth K.

6/7/18 “The whole experience was an overall 10. This move was painless and the movers did an excellent job.” ~Carol G.

6/7/18 “Everything went so smooth. They did a great job and they honestly couldn’t have done better.” ~Sanda N.

6/1/18 “Everything went so smooth. They did a great job and they honestly couldn’t have done better.” ~Barbara W.

5/26/18  We haven’t actually moved yet, but will review when we do. How we came to choose White Glove was not only their rating on Angie’s List but also our contact with Jeff Smith, White Gloves relocation specialist. The first time he came to our house he was very professional, took his time inventorying our home, answering all our questions and his knowledge of the company. When he left my husband who is hard to please was sold by Jeff that he told me not to call anymore companies because we were going with White Glove. About a month later I had some questions regarding packing because we chose to do it ourselves. Jeff came back out to the house and answered my questions and then came back the next day with boxes for our lamps and shades. His customer service attitude is ver y high in standards and he is a true asset to the White Glove Moving Company.  ~Sincerely Linda E.

5/25/18  “It was spectacular! From the person who provided the quote to the movers, all were professional, honest, reliable, hard working and pleasant. They were the company who originally moved us into our house. Because of the care they took with our belongings and how we were treated during our initial move, White Glove was our first choice when we needed to move all of our furniture once again for the tile work. They would be my first choice over and over again. I have been known to be very particular but I have not even one negative comment regarding White Glove’s service. Everyone we dealt with was always positive and helpful. I would highly recommend them.” ~Stephanie W.

5/24/18 “I would like to thank you and White Glove Movers for helping our home delivery of our American Leather sectional go so well. Each section was wrapped so well with added foam plus blankets. The men were so patient in assembling the sections and moving it into just the right position. We also thank Buddy for keeping White Glove in mind with his  networking gift. You both explain White Glove so well. We would use White Glove in future moves and storage.
Best to you all,

5/24/18 “Roy and Jeff were incredible. They were respectful, courteous, and friendly. Everything was handled with care. This was definitely a great experience. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.” ~Sharon R.

5/22/18  “Your employees were well trained, professional and very friendly which gave us an added sense that their work would be excellent and it was. Trucks, equipment and personnel were very clean and in good working order and responsive to our requests. Can’t stress enough that their professionalism, which reflected good training and management, enhanced the quality of the services and reduced our stress level.” Hal W.

5/18/18 ” The 2 guys that came out were great. No complaints, in fact they worked so well together.” ~Terry M.

5/16/18 ” The guys were AMAZING! Terry, Chris and Jake were all so patient, understanding, hardworking, and stress free. I can’t say enough about them. I had the best team with me and appreciate how kind they were. Please thank them as well.” ~Lisa C.

5/14/18 “The guys did a great job. In fact they always do such a nice job.” ~Melinda M.

5/12/18 “From what I know the guys did a great job INCLUDING Jeff. Thank you for all of your hard work on this.” Dea P.

5/10/18 “The guys were so good to us. They got everything done so fast.Thank You for all your help. I have already given your name and number to a friend of mine too!” ~David K.

5/10/18 “I was not present for my move, but Bob Neidleprom said the guys did a fabulous job and everything went very well.”~ Gene G.

5/4/18 “ Fred and Stephan were absolutely amazing. I was totally blown away by their professionalism. We had multiple pieces that were brought into the home and at last minute we decided to donate them. Not once did the guys complain. They quickly loaded them back into the truck without blinking. Please let them know how thankful we are and I hope upper management sees this.”  ~Pat L.

4/26/18 “The guys did such a great job. They were very professional and kind” Catherine T.

4/20/18 “The guys were wonderful and did a tremendous job. You guys have been so great through this whole move.” ~Beth M.

4/20/18 “The guys were great. They did such an awesome job. They seemed to have gotten everything into your place securely and we look forward to having everything delivered back out.” ~Debbie M.

4/20/18 ” Very nice. The guys were wonderful and it went very well.” ~Pat G.

4/20/18 ” The 2 men that came out were great. The did more than I expected and got everything done in a timely fashion.” Andre D.

4/19/19 “The guys did such a nice job for my father. I truly appreciate their hard work, and please make sure to let them know how thankful I am.”~Thomas L.

4/18/18 “Anthony and Chris were awesome! I was very pleased with the way they handled my art and how fast everything was done. In fact I have another move coming up in Palm Beach Gardens and if you go that far, I would love for White Glove to do the job.” Melissa H.

4/18/18 ” I wasn’t there but my building manager said everything went very well and he was quite pleased.” ~Courtney K.

4/17/18 “You’ve got some great guys here. They did excellent!” ~Joe H.

4/17/18 “The guys did such a nice job, in fact I need them again.” ~Beth B.

4/6/18 Jackie said the guys did great, and she appreciates the professionalism White Glove has given them. ~Citrus Grillhouse

4/6/18 “Everything went fine. The guys were great. Please let the guys know I appreciate their hard work.” ~Tom L.

4/5/18 “Everything went perfect!. I don’t know how it could of went any better. They got him all settled and situated with 1 day and it was great” ~Arthur H.

4/5/18 “Everything well. The guys were awesome.” ~Alice C.

4/5/18  “The guys did such a nice job. Thank you so much.” ~Kathy F.

3/21/18 “It went very well. They did an excellent job. You’ve got two terrific guys there. Terry and Chris did great.” ~Bill S.

3/21/18 “The guys did an awesome job. We are very satisfied” ~ Judy

3/21/18  “Everything went fabulous. The guys were great” ~Donna H.

3/21/18 “The guys did great. Mike and Jermaine did wonderful. They called when they were on the way, and showed up on time. I was actually surprised that they worked 4 hours straight without eating or taking a break.” Once we got to the new place I had to stop them. I had my son grab Burger King for lunch and we all sat on the porch and had a hamburger. It was nice and I appreciate their hard work. ~Len T.

3/20/18 “Just a quick note to thank your company and especially Stefan and Gregg for their professional service when they moved us to your new home.  Their friendly and polite demeanor is a great asset for your company. We will gladly recommend your company to anyone who needs to move. Regards and thanks again for a pleasant and un-stressful move.  ~Felix and Irene

3/20/18 “The 3 men were absolutely exceptional. They were so patient. They even gave me ideas as where to put some of my furniture. You guys are by far the best moving company and have given me the best experience ever.” ~Sandy R.

3/20/18  The guys did a nice job and we will be using you again! ~August H.

3/16/18  The guys were super sweet! ~Kathy D.

3/8/18  “Seemed to have gone really well especially considering everything we have. The guys did a great job working as a team.  ~Ward S.

3/8/18  It was good all the way around; thank you.  ~Susan R.

3/8/18 “Everything went great. The guys did a nice job. Thank you all for the help.”  ~Marilou W.

3/8/18 Your crews are always top notch and I wanted to make mention of this crew in particular. They went above and beyond what their scope of work was and I truly appreciate it. The crew did a phenomenal job and was a pleasure to work with. Thank you as always for their professionalism. ~Nancy  V.

3/8/18  Everything went very well. ~Sue L.

3/7/18 Everything went great! ~Jerry L.

3/1/18  The guys did a terrific job! ~Doris G.

3/1/18 First of all, a big thank you to Connie for her help getting this done. I would also really like to thank Sean,Marcus, Gregg, & Kevin for all their wonderful work yesterday. They saved me & helped relieve my most stressful situation. All with a smile & a showing of genuine caring.”God Be with all of them.  ~Meghan G.

3/1/18  “Everything went really well; thank you!” Stuart F.

2/23/18  “Everything went great. I am still unpacking.” ~Gilda A.

2/23/18 ” Those guys did a real nice job. Both times I have used you its always been a pleasure and that’s why I always use you.” ~Buddy D.

2/23/18 ” You guys have been absolutely wonderful to us.” ~Nan A.

2/23/18  All three guys were great, 10’s all the way around. ~ Mimi K.

2/21/18 ” You guys always do a nice job, and work with us.” ~Dr. Ware

2/19/18 “These guys were exceptional. I will continue to rant and rave throughout town about White Glove. I am totally amazed at how well they did, and how fast they worked.”  ~Fred M.

2/15/18  Everything went very well.  ~Maggie S.

2/15/18  The guys were great. They love White Glove and are requesting the same guys to come back out for the delivery out.”  ~Helen L.

2/13/18  “Steph and Jermaine were great. The day went so nicely. I even had a table that was a little unsturdy and they glued it for me. Thank you.” ~Ken P.

2/9/18 ” The guys did a great job.” ~Jim J.

2/9/18 ” I was very pleased with how the move went. You sent a great group of guys and I appreciate it.” ~Teresa C.

2/8/18  “Andre, Dionte, and David did an amazing job, and I cant express that enough. I wanted to make sure I did something special for each one of them to express my gratitude.”  ~Joan B.

2/8/18 “Very Pleased with the guys, your staff and the attentiveness I received throughout the whole move.” ~George C.

2/6/18 “Terry, Anthony and Archie were so great. Everything was perfect. Please send the same guys next time.”  ~Larry S.

2/6/18 ” The guys did an amazing job. Thank you so much.” ~Gisela K.

2/6/18  “It was great! I appreciate that you guys were able to help me so last minute. Everythinng went so smoothly” ~Nancy R.

2/6/18 ” I was so impressed with the guys. Please send me a link so that I can express how great these guys were.”  ~David G.

2/6/18 “The guys were absolutely wonderful. They did such a great job. ~Mary S.

2/2/18 “The guys did a great job. They truly looked like they enjoyed their job. You guys have been so great to us” ~Carlotta H.

2/2/18 “You guys get the first 5 star rating. Your guys were gracious, neat, clean, and just all around wonderful” ~Jerry N.

2/2/18 “Two of the nicest guys I ever met. Thank you!”  ~Lori S.

2/2/18 “Archie and Dorian did such a great job. They didn’t even have to speak to each other to move my furniture. It was like they just knew”  ~Vivian A.

1/29/18 Thank you for assisting us with our move…White Glove could not have been at every step more professional more accomodating…during my working years we experienced many cross country moves but BJ and Chris were absolutely the best…perfect gentleman…efficient..
Excellent representatives of your company…they certainly deserve kudos… Appreciate it ~Gerry R.

1/24/18 “They did a great job. I have no complaint what so ever. The guys were so pleasant”  ~Kate D.

1/23/18 David called the office to say the crew was “perfect”. Pearl came into the office to say how well the did and to compliment their strength.  LK

1/23/18  ” Terry, Jimmy and Dave did a great job.  Ann B.

1/23/18 “The guys did great, they did a wonderful job.”  Vicky S.

1/19/18 “Everything went so well and I promised the guys I would go online to post a review about how great they did.” Dolores K.

1/19/18 “They did very well. Everything was good” Dennis H.

1/17/18 “Everything went fine. The guys were great”  Brenda L.

1/16/18  “The guys were absolutely great” Peter C.

1/16/18 “The guys did a great job. There were some items that we broken but they were items I packed not you” Brenda A.

1/15/18  ” The guys did a great job. Just perfect. Couldn’t have had a better crew on the job.” David

1/11/18 “Everything went fine and smooth- Thank you so much” Jane W.

1/9/18  “The 3 guys were great. Everything went smooth. They seemed to really enjoy what they did and we appreciate everything” Bill S.

1/9/18  “The guys did a good job, even though everything only went into the garage. The day went very smooth. We will be calling you once renovations are complete” Tom W.

1/9/18 “Guys were fabulous and I really appreciate their hard work” Ron B.

1/8/18 “The guys did a terrific job. I am very pleased with the move.” Grace M.

1/3/18  “I just want to say that your guys did an excellent job. Everything ran so smoothly.” Mary S.

1/3/18  “Jr and Kevin did an amazing job. Its no wonder why you keep these guys” David G.

1/2/18  I just wanted to call in and say that JR and King were exceptional. They were so friendly, kind and really worked together. I have never experienced a move go so well, and I really want them to both know how great they did” Twana B.

1/2/18  As the dust begins to settle from our recent move with White Glove, we’d like to take a moment to commend the White Glove team. In advance of our move, Jeff and Connie were so helpful in coordinating the logistics. On pack day, Sean, Gregg, Stephan, Derrick, Jimmie, and Jermaine were so efficient, careful, courteous, and good-natured. And on load day, Sean, Gregg, Jimmie, and Chris took great care in removing our furnishings, and even took the initiative to wrap up some items that we transported ourselves.
Our furnishings will be stored at White Glove until we move into our new home in a couple of weeks. We look forward to working with any members of this great crew on our moving day.
Thanks so much!
Nan and John A

12/29/17  ” These guys are awesome. Jr and Kevin really shined . Thank you so much”  George D.

12/29/17  These guys were just absolutely wonderful!  Karen M.

12/28/17   The guys were exemplary. JR and King were genuine, and I have NEVER had a move go as well as it did. I have nothing but nice things to say about them and how wonderful they are”  Twana B.

12/27/17  It went great, the guys were helpful and worked as a team.  We will only use White Glove.  Hans H.

12/27/17  The guys did so well. They were awesome. Justine L.

12/26/17  The guys did a nice job and I was so glad to have the items all out before the holidays.  Linda Z.

12/26/17  Nice friendly crew, no complaints. They go the job done with smiles all day.  Fred. W.

12/26/17  We know you guys are awesome. Dale Sorenson rants and raves about you all the time.  Tim, Pat, Olice and Jermaine were all professional, and pleasant, I had to get the place clean for a showing, and they even helped me do that. Please let them know how wonderful they truly are”

12/26/17  Sean is great! He’s dependable, and always a joy to be around”  Margaret V.

12/26/17  Everything went very well.  John R.

12/26/17  Michael, King and Dave just left about ten minutes ago, and they could not have been better workers. They worked hard and quickly, and they were pleasant and friendly.  ~Paul K

12/26/17  “Please forward this to Mr Goldberg. My compliments to having the best staff ever. I have moved at least 40 tines in my life. DJ and Anthony were so professional and careful, prompt, polite. You are fortunate to have them. Also Joe T, Connie, Jennifer and Deanna. I would recommend your company highly. Happy Holidays!  ~Judy B.

12/26/17  The guys did a nice job.  ~Marc G.

12/21/17 The guys always do a nice job.  ~Toni G.

12/21/17  The guys were awesome and did a great job!  ~Ann D.

12/20/17  “Words can’t describe how well everything went. Sean, Greg and Josh went above and beyond. Please let them know how much we appreciate their hard work.”  ~Fred S.

12/19/17  Everything went find and the guys were great!  ~Neil F.

12/15/17  They guys did an awesome job. I am very pleased with their services.  ~Sheryl T.

12/14/17  I absolutely loved the guys. They were great and I want them for my next move.  ~Carol S.

12/13/17  Your guys were fabulous!  ~Mary M.

12/13/17 Everything went really good, no complaints.  ~Amy W.

12/13/17  “Oh my- Anthony, Archie and Marcus were just wonderful. Me and Joel were so worried how they were ever going to get this move done, but they did it. They were all so kind, courteous, and a joy to have in our home. Please let them know we appreciate all they have done for us.”  ~Rita B.

12/13/17  The guys did great!  ~Dominick L.

12/13/17  These guys were absolutely great! Best moving experience ever and I move a lot.  ~Chris D.

12/7/17  The guys did an amazing job. They stayed till the very end, they were so great and extra tips were given as a result.  ~Greg. S.

12/7/17  The guys were amazing, so friendly and professional.  This was the least stressful move ever.  ~Cherie G.

12/5/17 Guys did great!  ~A Moment’s Notice

12/5/17 The guys did awesome!  ~Sharon B.

12/4/17  The move went very well.  ~Peggy S.

12/4/17  The guys are all amazing especially Archie. He was so helpful and patient; a true gem.  ~Catherine S.

12/4/17  The move went fantastic!  The movers were polite, courteous and helpful.  They were also very gentle with our furniture; greatly appreciated.  ~Nivea T.

11/30/17  The guys were so awesome. Everything went more than great. ~Catherine S.

11/30/17  I want you to know what a great job the guys did; we are very impressed. ~Patricia S.

11/30/17  The team was so professional onsite; great work! ~Stephanie S.

11/30/17  They were the best, the very best. I will also recommend you to anyone that is moving. Thank you so much.  ~Christine S.

11/30/17 We absolutely loved the guys Bj, Roy and Dorian were wonderful! ~Lynne H.

11/30/17  Demarcus and Jeff kept a smile on their faces the entire time; we loved them! ~Kathy D.

11/30/17  Jr did a fantastic job taking care of me, as well as all the men. I’ll be using you all again for rearranging furniture as I get settled.  ~Merian S.

11/30/17  Anthony, Josh and Dj did a super job! Everything was more than fine. We give you guys a 10.  ~Graydon T.

11/30/17  Everything went good. The movers were excellent.  ~Joe R.

11/30/17  The guys always do a fantastic job.  ~Shirley C.

11/28/17  Perfect…absolutely perfect.  ~Kathleen K.

11/28/17  The guys were great, thank you!  ~Dao T.

11/27/17  Your guys always do a great job! ~Marrero P.

11/22/17  The guys just left and they were great!  ~Mr. Turner

11/17/17 Guys were great with what they had to deal with. We appreciate you guys! ~Denny S

11/16/17 ” You sent a Super Nice Crew! Thank You!” ~Mary C

11/16/17 They guys were absolutely wonderful. ~William H

11/14/17 “The guys were great. Very upbeat and pleasant. They just stuck through it and was very pleased.Thank You” ~Karen M

11/14/17 It went Fantastic! Very Pleased! ~Victoria O

11/14/17 Oh my goodness the guys were so fast. Thank you. ~Marie N

11/14/17 “Everything went Super, the guys were very nice, and they even came to pick up our boxes yesterday. We appreciate you guys and hope you have a great holiday” ~Niki S

11/10/17 Guys did a great job! Fast and efficient. ~Laura M

11/8/17 ” Your guys were so nice, and delicate with all my things. The move couldn’t have gone any better. Please let the guys know they did an excellent job”

11/8/17  Oh my goodness the guys were amazing! Both teams were exceptional. Andre, Chris, Mike, and Gregg were absolutely perfect! The move couldn’t have went smoother they guys even finished earlier than expected. I told everyone that on a scale of 1-10 I give you a 20! I’ve already given your name out to family, friends and my realtor. Please make sure you let the owner know what a great team he has there, and let the guys know I appreciate everything” ~Irene T

11/2/17 “The guys were awesome. Willie and Kevin did an amazing job. Kevin was so so sweet and attentive. Please let Kevin and Willie know how impressed I was.” Anna B

11/2/17 “Everything went Great! No concerns or complaints thanks” ~Chris F

11/1/17  White Glove did a nice job and they appreciate Bj and Mike’s patience. ~Elizabeth J

10/31/17 The guys were great! We really appreciate their hard work. ~David M

10/27/17  The whole team did an excellent job. I worked in customer service for years and I know how important it is to make your customers happy. I feel Sean is such a great asset to your company. He really went above and beyond. He knew exactly how to connect with me. moving is stressful enough, but he took all my stress away! He is so wonderful. I can’t sum up the experience I had into words, but I want everyone to know just how great he is.” ~Bob B

10/27/17 “The guys were wonderful, courteous, considerate, and an absolute delight” ~Pat C

10/27/17 “Guys are are terrific! It was a true Pleasure working with them. They were fast and efficient. Please let Archie, Brodie and Aj know theymade things so smooth and went above and beyond and I would recommend them to anyone”-Dr.Hart

10/27/17 “The guys did an amazing job. They were fast, but yet very careful” ~John B

10/27/17 “Guys were so very courteous and kind” ~Barbara K

10/27/17 “Anthony and Dj were so patient with both Mr and Mrs. We appreciate their help, and please tell them Thank you!” ~Suzette W

10/26/17 Everything went well. We received all our stuff and they organized things very nicely. ~Robert B

10/26/17 “Best movers ever. Oh my goodness, they were fantastic! They were so nice, and respectful. Hands Down” ~Rosemary V

10/26/17 “10 out of 10! All the crews were exceptional. I was pleased with the whole move and have no recommendations.” ~Charles L

10/13/17 Very efficient everything was done so much faster than I projected. Willie, Jr, and Kev were exceptional. I’ve unpacked everything and nothing is broken. I am very satisfied. ~Mary A

10/11/17 Very Happy with the guys who came out. Also Connie, Deanna, Jennifer, and accounting have been awesome.  My wife and I really appreciate all you guys have done for us. ~Ted H

10/11/17 I got to tell you- your company did a wonderful job, and I must say you have got some great packers they did one heck of a job.  Don S

10/10/17 The guys did a good job. No complaints ~Bill F

10/9/17 The guys were fantastic. The move went so well. I truly appreciate all that your men did for us. I will definitely tell everyone how happy we were with you guys.  ~John H

10/9/17 Archie and Sam were terrific. I meant to call Connie and thank her. Everything just went so smoothly and the guys were so patient. I’ve already told a couple of my friends about you guys and I would definitely use you again. Thank You! ~Diane M

10/4/17 Guys did a great job. Really appreciate their hard work. ~Mike K

9/30/17 You guys always do a good job! That’s why I only hire White Glove. ~ Donna B

9/30/17 Excellent Job – 10 rating !!! ~Andonia K

9/27/17 Andre and Sam were awesome, attentive, and courteous. They did an amazing job as did all your guys.  ~Doris S

9/22/17 The guys were Super, Super, Super! I wrote their names down Tim, Jermaine, and Jimmy. I didn’t realize how much stuff I actually had. I was so ashamed, but those 3 guys moved my whole house in 5 1/2 hours. I was so happy with them and your whole company. When I move out of storage, I would like to have the same guys come back out. I appreciate all their hard work.” ~Fay S

9/19/17 “The guys were great! Sean and Anthony were just excellent! No complaints and thank you so much for calling, and by the way the bag was a nice touch” ~Valerie N

9/18/17 “Everything went well I wasn’t there but my girl Amber said the guys did a fantastic job, and we are so happy that we beat hurricane Irma” ~Denis B

9/6/17 Jimmy and Tim were wonderful, they were so nice , and pleasant. They actually staged her house while the assisted living facility kept Edith busy. We really appreciate the hard work of they guys.” -Tammy (caregiver)

9/6/17 Anthony and Dj were Excellent. They were so awesome , and so so nice and please tell them and the rest of your staff to Thank you and please stay safe during the storm” ~Sharon H

9/5/17  The guys were awesome! I want to really make sure they get the recognition they deserve, I’m willing to do a testimonial or whatever you need to show my appreciation” ~Joe P

8/31/17  The guys were absolutely the nicest group of men I have ever met. They were kind and careful with every single piece- Cathy (Judy’s daughter)

8/29/17 “They were great, no concerns they were perfect” ~Jill T

8/24/17  Terry and Jeff were great! They are 2 of your best guys. Please let them and management know that we really appreciated the both of them. Everything went as smooth as can be.  ~Sheldon B

8/24/17   was very pleased with my 3 guys. I’ve used 2 men and a truck and I tell you its like day and night. Your guys were great! Sean was an awesome leader, Everything that the 3 guys did they did it eagerly and communicated so well with each other, I just moved into a brand new development and I am going to let everyone know to use you. I have used a lot of moving companies in the past, because we used to move every 6 years White Glove is by far the best company I have ever used, Please tell the guys thank you and I really appreciate them.” ~Janine C

8/24/17 Thank you so much for helping me as fast as you did. The guys did a good job too! ~Danielle P.

8/23/17  They were excellent! Good team, Good communication, I will definitely recommend you guys to everyone and thank you for calling to check up” ~John S

8/23/17 “These guys did an awesome job.I’ m definitely pleased with they way they worked” ~Steve O

8/23/17 “Oh the guys absolutely did a wonderful job. I am very happy with my move.~Susan A

8/22/17  The Guys did an awesome job! ~Cindy B.

8/18/17 “We were very pleased with the team. I couldn’t have been more happier with all 3 guys and how smooth the day went.” ~Helen L.

8/17/17 “The guys were awesome. I cant say enough about them, They did an amazing job! ” ~Michael R.

8/16/17 “The guys were awesome, We have moved 3 times and have had some awful experiences where other moving companies have shown up smelling like alcohol. This was not the case, Your guys were so clean, crisp, and professional. Not only did all the guys do a great job but the guy in charge I think his name was Andre did an exceptional job. I definately will recommend you guys to everyone I know” ~Rick & Amy

8/16/17 “I can NOT say enough good things about the guys. Both days the guys totally amazed me. I am going to tell everyone I know that you guys are the best” ~Bonnie F.

8/15/17  “Guys did a greta job, I really appreciate their hard work!”  ~Camille C.

8/8/17  The whole crew did a fabulous job. These guys are such hard workers. ~Sue M.

8/7/17  Can not say enough good things about the whole team. The quality of their work, their professionalism, their ethis was superb! It went as smooth as can be.”I have had 15 professional moves in my life as I am retired USAF with 22 years of service. Never, and I truly mean never, have I experienced the high degree of professionalism, courteousness, and just plain helpfulness exhibited by Archie, who lead the crew in a truly professional manner and the “gang” composed of Roy S., AJ, and Eli. Every question was answered, every move was greeted with a smile and a “Yes, Maam.” The “crew” and Archie could not have been easier to work with and provided a work ethic that went above and beyond anything that we could have anticipated. They were attentive, patient, and worked with us in all aspects of the move to insure that we were completely satisfied in each and every detail.
Without any reservation whatsoever, we thoroughly and completely, not only commend, but recommend White Glove and Archie and his crew. It was just an absolutely superb move, accomplished quickly, professionally, and with an attention to detail that went far and above our highest expectations. A very heartfelt and grateful “thank you” to all. You all just made it so easy.  ~Sally G.

8/7/17 “I was very pleased with them. Thank you so very much!” ~Debbie H.

8/1/17 “Very impressed with how well Anthony and King did especially with the rain.They were fast and professional” ~Corin M.

8/1/17 “The men worked very fast, and they were efficient” ~Mr. Bill R.

8/1/17  Guys did a great job! ~Maureen D.

7/26/17   Sean with his crew of Gregg, DJ, Jake, Jermaine and Sam did an outstanding job for my family today! We were shocked that they could move all of our things so quickly. They were friendly, courteous, organized and efficient! I will highly recommend them to our family and friends. Thank you all for a job well done! ~Keith and Kerry G.

7/26/17  Very impressed with all 6 guys, Especially Terry ad Roy ~Mrs. Christine L.

7/25/17  “Sean and his crew were great! Very organized, and efficient and you could really tell they knew what they were doing”  ~Mr. Nugent

7/25/17   “I could not be happier. Everything ran so smooth, and I believe his name was Willie- I couldn’t believe how easy he was to talk to. Oh and the trust level is superb! I am Super Satisfied. Another thing too… The hearing impaired mover Kevin- What a nice guy, and hard worker. I was amazed at the way he was able to read my lips, and communicate. You know a friend of mine said the other day the name White Glove says it all, and it’s true. I will recommend you guys to everyone I know.” ~Darren

7/5/17   Connie was delightful to deal with and went out of her way to take of me. Willie and Anthony were: on -time, professional, knowledgeable, pleasant, careful and fast. The did a great job! It has been a pleasure doing business with your company.   ~Dave Brown

7/5/17  Everything went well. They showed up on time. Hr has a good crew. We are so happy we picked White Glove to move us. Connie is a real asset to your company; she’s a keeper!  ~Mr. Penstine

6/30/17  The guys were great especially Terry.  ~Mrs. Dail

6/29/17    Jr and Pat were exceptional. They took such great care of everything. Now I know why you guys came so highly recommended. GHO, my realtor, friends and neighbors all said White Glove was rated A+.”    Leo & Bonnie

6/22/17 “The guys were great! Terry is a first class citizen, and Jake and Aj were tremendous. I am very pleased with my crew”  ~Mr. Thomas

6/22/17   “My wife and I absolutely loved Step, Twon and Isaac. They were professional, and very efficient. ~Mr. McGinnis

6/22/17   Everything went very well Tim and Dj got there nice and early. They were great! ~Mrs. Roberts

6/14/17   Went very well. I am very pleased with Sean Dj and Greg. No complaints

6/6/17   Absolutely loved Terry S. and everything was great!

6/2/17  For the record, we were very, very pleased with the work of Sean, Greg and their team. They are first-rate! Did a great job! Hope they can be scheduled to move our belongings back home once our reconstruction project is complete. ~Tom P.

6/1/17   10 out of 10; Will was great

I want to thank you and your employees, Anthony and King, for a wonderful job.  They were very professional and very careful with every piece of furniture or box they moved. I have already given your name to a person and will continue to refer your company’s name to anyone who might need your services.
Best wishes to you,
Linda C.

Mr. Mason called in himself to report that Sean and Greg were very professional. He said they worked through the rain drops and were exceptional. He also said Connie was a delight to speak to throughout his whole move. He is very pleased and he will be sure to spread the word about White Glove.

“Sean and Greg were phenomenal. White Glove is great I will definitely let everyone know how great your guys did”

Customer called in himself and said that he was so impressed with both Anthony and King.

5/5/1710- Bill Norton was so helpful. He was excellent. He communicated with me several times before the move by email and was fantastic with answering all my questions. Archie Edwards was also an excellent supervisor. Your crew was professional and neat. They fit everything in the truck properly. Dorian did a fantastic job at packing. They were all friendly and helpful. the packing job came in under the estimate and done professionally.

Your guys were the best we have experienced. We have moved many times over the years. Although the job was not that big, they were awesome. I have no recommendations except keep on keeping great guys like that. The attitude and professionalism were superb!!! Thank you “White Glove” for a stress free experience, pleasant as well…… By the way , our estimator, Buddy , was great as well.
Karen and Juan A.

10 all the way!! Best moving experience ever!!!
Mimi and Sam R.

What we wanted to tell you is that we were very satisfied with Stephan and Isaac. They were great. Very professional and quick.

My mom recently moved from her condo in Ft. Pierce to Port St. Lucie. Her move went great. The guys were wonderful! Everyone was very happy.
Thank you again

10s for all
All 3 movers were excellent!!!!
Gift bag was a really nice touch!!
Nothing to improve

I would highly recommend White Glove again and I thank you for moving through hoops to get the job completed sooner than expected.
Thanks, Lynn

We would like to thank you for the time you spent with us preparing for our move on March 28th. Everything we smoothly and Connie called and assured us of the time of arrival and asked if there were any extra needs. Thank you, both for a great job.
We would also like to compliment your workers. They were special and helped us in any way they could and pleasant to have working during a long day for us and especially for them. Everyone was so professional.
I would certainly recommend you and your company. Thank you again.
Jayne B

I was so  happy with my move experience yesterday. King & Anthony were absolutely amazing, very well organized and really giving me a great sense of relief through this very stressful ordeal.
Tom B.

I had THE MOST AMAZING experience with your moving team during my move on March 27th.
You will be the only moving company I will recommend. We had two of the most organized, well-groomed, extremely polite & personable movers.  You are AMAZING!
I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for taking the stress out of my move
Therese P

10 !!!! very happy with whole moving experience! We have heard terrible stories from friends that have moved and I can’t think of one negative thing! We were so happy with how our move went!! All 3 were very kind, considerate and professional!!!! Very happy with all aspects of our move!!!!

I was very pleased with both AJ & Terri, said they were very professional, on time & just a complete pleasure to work with. Thanks to the great service, I will be calling again in a few months once the  Jersey home is sold to move back to FL.

Would definitely recommend White Glove – 10
All the guys were very professional – 10
Our whole team was really great! We want to use them again when we move into our new home in 9-10 months.

10 for all. The Willie and crew were awesome!! Hopefully I don’t need you guys again for a couple years but I will definitely be calling if so.
Anthony A.

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for a recent well organized and problem free move.
Recently, my wife and I selected White Glove to move our belongings. On the day the furniture was packed on the truck, three employees (Stephan, Dorian and Pat) arrived promptly in the morning. All three were courteous, respectful and professional. They finished loading sooner than anticipated and it was done with efficiency on their part.
The next day involved travel across the state and on a Friday, our belongings were moved into a climate controlled storage facility. Stephan and Dorian made the trip and finished unloading in minimal time. Our hope was to place all our furniture and appliances from the middle to the rear of the storage unit and our cardboard boxes in front to make them accessible.
Not only did they comply with our request, but organized everything so efficiently and carefully placed, that we ended up with more accessible space than we anticipated.
My wife and I have made multiple moves through the years and this was the first time we have experienced this level of professionalism and courtesy. Their attitudes were positive throughout and they took the time to thank both my wife and I for extending our business to White Glove.
I also want to extend my thanks and appreciation to Anna Valencia-Tillery, Connie Fiske and Buddy Dawson who helped in setting up the move. All were courteous and accommodating and represent your company with the utmost professionalism.
I would highly recommend the services of White Glove and you are free to use any of my statements as a testimonial.
Again, many thanks for taking a stressful time and making it worry free.
All the best,
Ken C

Everyone and everything was terrific. It was a very hard move for me but the White Glove team were terrific. I would give you all a “12”.
Regina M

It was a great experience.  Anthony, King and Tim were excellent, professional and friendly but King was exceptionally friendly, respectful and amazingly strong.
Maureen B.

It was a great experience. All the guys were great – Anthony, King and Tim were excellent, professional and friendly but King was exceptionally friendly, respectful and amazingly strong.

The move went well and the guys did an excellent job.
10’s on everything.

I would definitely recommend White Glove to friends, family or anyone else. From the initial contact to estimator (great guy btw) to the move itself everything went flawlessly.
So a definite 10.
Barry S.

I would just like to say THANK YOU to the White Glove Team and send a special thanks to the following individuals:
Joe Tuckett – A friendly person and a happy face who gave us great advice and some suggestions about packing our stuff.  He was also spot on about the time it would take and the entire moving process.
Our movers – Sean, Gregg and Matt – They were prompt, professional, courteous, neat, clean and most importantly, HARD WORKERS!  I cannot say enough about how fast they worked while still being careful and detail oriented.
I told Joe as well as Sean that we picked White Glove because my wife posted something on her Facebook page asking about local movers and within minutes she had 30 responses and they ALL suggested we use White Glove.  Those suggestions  and your level of service and professionalism will ensure that we use White Glove again when we need to move.  On top of that, I would recommend you and your team without question to anyone that asked my opinion about movers.
I thank you and your team again for making a difficult day go smoothly.
John S.

The guys were great. We have to move from our storage unit when our house is ready and we would like the same three guys please. They were wonderful.
Donna S.

In our estimation everything about the move was a “10”.  The foreman was very professional, as well as all of the guys.  Everyone was very friendly and accommodating, and on the particularly delicate equipment we were worried about they took the time to reassure us they would be extra careful and place the items in the truck in such a way they would not get damaged.
We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know that’s moving and will use you again for any future moves.
Laura N


Guys did an amazing job!

I would just like to say THANK YOU to the White Glove Team and send a special thanks to the following individuals:
Joe Tuckett – A friendly person and a happy face who gave us great advice and some suggestions about packing our stuff. He was also spot on about the time it would take and the entire moving process.
Our movers – Sean, Gregg and Matt – They were prompt, professional, courteous, neat, clean and most importantly, HARD WORKERS! I cannot say enough about how fast they worked while still being careful and detail oriented.
I told Joe as well as Sean that we picked White Glove because my wife posted something on her Facebook page asking about local movers and within minutes she had 30 responses and they ALL suggested we use White Glove. Those suggestions and your level of service and professionalism will ensure that we use White Glove again when we need to move. On top of that, I would recommend you and your team without question to anyone that asked my opinion about movers.
I thank you and your team again for making a difficult day go smoothly
Thanks again,
John S

We were extremely pleased with the service we received from BJ, Pat, and Eli. They were professional, polite, and accommodating.
Connie was very helpful answering questions and providing information from the initial contact to scheduling the date for the move.
We would definitely recommend While Glove Moving.
Linda G.

You get a ten on all counts! White Glove is a favorite of ours that we recommend to everyone!
Lynne and Tony Z

Whit glove performed very well.10
I would recommend them to friends. 10
Jr and Kevin plus another helped were wonderful. 10
Buddy . ..10
Thanks again,

I would give you a 10 on all things. The two men who came were outstanding. Polite, hard working, careful.

10’s all around!  Sean, Matt and Gregg did an outstanding job.  My best experience with a mover ever.   I will definitely recommend White Glove to others and call you in the future.
William B.

BJ the supervisor stood out.  He has an awesome crew!  All of your employees were friendly and professional.  I did not see anything that needed improvement.
We will definitely use your company in the future.  We will be moving again.  I was extremely pleased with your services.
Kind regards,

I have moved several times in my life and White Glove was better than any other mover I’ve used.
Sean, Twan and Issac were professional, courteous, friendly and most of all efficient. A 10 for White Glove and a 10+ for the crew.
John C.

Dear White Glove Moving, Bill and Kellie,
RJ and Dorian, from your company,  moved our small household from Sebastian to Palm Coast, Florida, last Wednesday, February 8.  On a scale of 1-10, we would rate your team as a 10+!  Communication by phone was received by a real person (!) who was informed, reassuring and helpful. The estimate was accurate and very competitive.
Your movers RJ and Dorian were on time, obviously knowledgeable and extremely efficient.  They clearly had the customer in mind.  They even ate a prepared lunch in the truck enroute to our new home!  They saved us time on what was a monster moving day, and in the end, money. The furniture and furnishings arrived safe and were in place by mid afternoon.  Again, a 10+!
RJ’s personality and expertise shine! Without question.  He and Dorian are an impressive team, competent and efficient. They made the work seem effortlless!
So thank you all for smoothing the way through a stressful day! Compliments to you and your organization.

Everything went perfectly and all the people we dealt with were cordial and nice.  Anthony and DJ picked up and delivered and they were both terrific.  They were efficient and on time.  Connie was great at putting it all together.  Thanks again for a job well done by all…
Richard and Pat J.
They were all very good.  Sean, Charlie and Greg handled the packing.  Sean Greg and Matt handled the loading and unloading.  They were all very professional and worked efficiently.  Sean, Charlie and Greg had handled my mom’s move about a year ago so once I saw they were the same team I knew it would all go well.

AJ and Crew !  Joe was great for the estimate. Everything was Perfect !  No complaints, and the movers very professional !

We were 100% satisfied with White Glove Moving and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone!  The guys showed up on time, were very professional and hard working, and exceeded our expectations.  We’d give White Glove a “10” in all categories.  Great Job!!!
Best Regards,
Ray B.

The team led by BJ was outstanding. We could not be happier with their               thoroughness, professionalism and courtesy
We will recommend White Glove highly in the future.


I cannot say enough how great BJ and his crew were about moving me into our new house.

After unpacking, putting together and cleaning up they did a walk through and said, are you sure

everything is where you want it.  How great is that?  They were ready to move things if it wasn’t

put in right spot.

I will highly recommend White Glove for anyone that is thinking of a move.

Thank you so much for having such a great crew.

Karen V.


Awesome move. Anthony and DJ were like busy bees going about their business. Both were professional, courteous, have excellent memories where items came from and the general location where the items would be placed. Neither was bashful about asking questions when unsure of a location.
Keep up the good work.

Douglas B.


Yes everything went great and the guys, JR, King and Pat couldn’t have been more helpful
courteous and really got the job done.  And the price was less.  You guys were terrific.
I felt very taken care of and it made the move so stress free.
Thanks for all your guys did and the entire White Glove team.

Our move on Wednesday, 12/28/16 was a small one, but difficult.  Two large refrigerators were moved and a glass dining table.
The movers were so professional and efficient  I  cannot remember the name of the lead mover…… he was great!!  He explained the paperwork and the moving process each step of the way.  He carefully explained process to his helper, Mark.  Mark listened and performed each task perfectly..  The lead mover was personable; had a great sense of humor.  Overall, we thought the move went perfectly and I would highly recommend this team to anyone needing to move difficult objects.  Thank you!!
Kathleen L

Our move went great! The 3 movers were prompt, courteous and very respectful.  They worked hard and moved everything very carefully.  We’ve lived in 4 states and 11 houses, and this was by far the best experience we’ve had so far.  Thank you White Glove for having high standards, hiring qualified employees and providing top quality service. Happy Holidays
Beth S.

The crew is pretty awesome….professional, prompt, very courteous, well-representing the company.
They added in the extra charge for moving the dining set (of course) which was not in the original move estimate because I changed my mind and the price was really good.
I thank the team for everything. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

The most wonderful experience with Roy and Stephan. They were so professional, and kind. Worked like beavers, so impressed! Such an excellent job, Highly recommend us. Still cannot get over how quick, fast, meticulous, and clean!
D. Wood

Yes, everything went well.  Willy, Andre and JT were all fabulous, professional and courteous.  Thank you for storing everything for the past 2 years and for making the move as seamless as possible.
Geri A.

All three men were, very professional, jovial,great workers, and very caring to me. They made the move a pleasure.
I will highly refer your company to all. Everyone there was very nice and efficient.
Janice K.

The movers were very professional and worked efficiently. I believe they completed the job is less time than estimated.
Sean stood out as the team leader and was pleasant to work with, but  they were all very nice and worked extremely hard.
I don’t believe that I could say they could have done anything better. I am very pleased with the service and look forward to working with them on the final move into my new home.
Janet G.

I could not have asked for a better moving experience!! Stress free and as quoted. I will definitely be contacting you in 12 months for our next move. Thanks for everything!
Sean J. 

My team  of movers were courteous and professional.  Captain B.J. was informative and knowledgeable and led King and Barry by example and both of those gentleman were terrific as well.  I will be moving to my new home in June, July, or August and hope this team is available, especially B.J. whom I am confident can elicit his team to elevate to the task of the move.
Thank you for selecting his colleagues, as both King and Barry were efficient and cheerful in making this a very successful relocation.
John C.

I had an absolute wonderful move into my Windsor home because of your company and fabulous employees.
All of the guys were great; Archie, Jimmy and Jessie were really great and went above the call of duty for me.
Such an amazing team altogether.  It was a a tough move and  they all went above what was the normal expectation.
All my best to you and your great bunch of super people!
Leslie B.


I was extremely appreciative the professional conduct of your company and the excellent work that Tim and Allen did on the move.


The movers were very professional and worked efficiently. I believe they completed the job is less time than estimated.  Sean stood out as the team leader and was pleasant to work with, but  they were all very nice and worked extremely hard. I don’t believe that I could say they could have done anything better. I am very pleased with the service and look forward to working with them on the final move into my new home.
Janet G.

Terry & Jake were professional, courteous, & friendly. Their efficiency worked to my advantage of a lesser amount owed. My experience with White Glove has been positive and I would recommend your company. Lois B.

It was a great move…….everything moved like a well oiled machine.  All six of the guys really hustled
and the move was completed in a shorter time than estimated.  All this was accomplished despite
bad elevator situations on both ends.    Give a WELL DONE!

The three gentlemen who moved us were Archie, Stephan and Jimmy. They did a very professional job. The coding and wrapping of each item was beyond expectations. We were very much impressed.
Denis G.

We were  Pleased  with the Work Done ,and Communications at your Office .
BJ and Elijah. R  were very Pleasant  ,working Hard  and Careful. Definitively Professional .
We did well to follow advise of Numerous People helping us in our Choice of Mover .

From the first call, with the girls in the office, to the guys in the field, they worked great as a team, I can’t say enough. Jake, Stephan. D.J. and Terry. They were a pleasure!!
Ellen N.

The movers were outstanding:  very professional, efficient and made excellent suggestions on furniture placement.  In fact, this was the easiest move we ever made. Everything arrived on time and in good shape.  I have been telling everyone I know in Vero that they should contact White Glove about any moving plans.   While they were all good, the gentlemen who led the team stands out as an excellent manager and representative of your company.   I can’t think of anything that you could do differently; It was a very good experience.
Maureen K.

All went very well.  The group who did the packing and loading was efficient, very willing to do all that was requested, friendly and professional.  Sean, Gregg and DJ, who came up to our new home and did the unload were terrific.  Again, very professional, friendly and extremely responsive.  They worked very well as a team and seemed happy to be there and doing the job.  We had several items that we decided needed to go somewhere different then we originally started out with and they were all very willing to accommodate without any complaint.  They really made us feel like we had friends who cared about us helping with the move.  I would be very happy to recommend them individually and White Glove Movers as a company to my friends and family.
Moving is stressful and difficult, but I think this one went as well as possible.  They even arranged to hold off the rain that the forecast kept threatening! 🙂
Thanks to the White Glove team, our move went much smoother than we anticipated. My husband and I were overwhelmed at the task of packing & moving and had it not been for Sean & Greg, it simply would not have happened! They remained cold, calm, collected and reassuring though out the entire process lifting much of the worry and work from us.
We are ever so grateful to White Glove and their impressive staff and we are definitely going to use you again in the very near future!
Carole M

Move was done quickly and efficiently.
DJ and TJ were both hard working and personable. They were very likable individuals and made the move very comfortable. We will definitely recommend your company in the future.
Tony T.

Never have I been more pleased with the move.  Junior and Marcus made the move go smoothly and they are both excellent workers.  Your company is very fortunate to have them as employees.
Thank you.  Will definitely pass your name along to friends.
Lucy N.

Connie and the guys are great.  I think this is the 5th job and we gave another set for May 28.
Wouldn’t call anyone else!!!!
Ps:  Connie “shines”.

Our moving experience last Wednesday was our best move ever, even though it rained nearly the whole day. Sean, Gregg and Marcus were all very professional and courteous. I would not hesitate to recommend them or White Glove to anyone else.
Brian F.

As Promised,  I wanted to let you Good Folks know that Archie and his Helper were GREAT !
Polite, Professional, Patient, and always happy to help me with anything that I asked for.
They always went the extra mile for me.
I hope that you are all proud of them. I am !

I will always use White Glove.
Move was fabulous, couldn’t have been happier. Great, nice and professional. Sean, Greg and Marcus were wonderful!
Everything went well on Saturday with our move. The staff you sent over were professional and very efficient during the move. That team works well together. I think the whole team stood out. I was here on Saturday along with our two IT guys and we were able to work well with the movers. It was a smooth move.
Thank you
Vivian W.

Anthony and DJ was the Best!  They were professional and efficient on the job. They both stood out and shined. they knew what they were doing and were friendly. I felt like I had friends helping me with my move. The best.
I also would like to tell you that Bill was terrific. He helped me plan out my move to make it work out great. He also know that I was on a budget and that really helped.
I will recommend White Glove Moving & Storage to everyone I know.
Thanks again for making my move great.
Regards, Pat V.

Your team of Terry, Todd and Ryan was excellent. My Mother was in happy and very difficult but everyone was polite and accommodating. Terry made a big effort to get packed up and over to IRE by 3. Extra 2 hands were very appreciated and allowed this to happen.
All 5 men were endlessly patient during unload as Mother began to come unglued and had them moving furniture back and forth, several times.
My thanks to your team and to all at White Glove. You made a very difficult situation smooth and pleasant.
Best –
Robin L

They were quite professional and the lead explained the process, reviewed the entire process with me.  Packed and placed furniture where requested and offered explanations when necessary.  I was quite pleased with their demeanor and the quality of service.  I have moved a dozen times.  This was by far the best crew ever!
I really appreciated the gift bag that the guys left me with.  It was fun to get goodies after the stress of packing and settling, etc.  Very nice touch.
Thanks to Sean, Matt, and Derrick.

What a delight working with you and the boys! Your companies are consummate professionals!

Jane ~2015

“I was referred to the White Glove website. I found the site very informative and useful. I went to the “how to get started location” found my location and forms and signing up was a piece of cake.”

The gentleman and his helpers were the best movers that we have ever come in contact with and that represents some 14 moves over just the past 30 years and includes US government contract movers! He was plain and simple the best and most professional of all of them.
F. L. ~2015

I had an absolute wonderful move into my Windsor home because of your company and fabulous employees.
All of the guys were great; Archie, Jimmy and Jessie were really great and went above the call of duty for me.
Such an amazing team altogether.  It was a a tough move and  they all went above what was the normal expectation.
All my best to you and your great bunch of super people!
L. B. ~2014

I wanted to give a shout out to White Glove Moving, Storage & Delivery – happy clients!!! Look at these reviews, and consider them for your next move.
Kelly Devlin FischerSotheby’s International~2013

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of the John’s Island Real Estate Company. Without question, White Glove: Moving, Storage, & Delivery exemplifies terrific customer service every step of the way by offering competitive pricing, timely move dates, and storage solutions for our John’s Island residents. Furthermore, the care and attention to detail given by White Clove movers is first class. It is apparent they take pride in the high quality of their work. We will continue to recommend White Glove to our clients for their moving and storage needs.
Sincerely, Bob GibbJohn’s Island Real Estate ~2012

Very satisfied- Would use again. Good job.
Don Wardon~2011

From SALES to FINAL DELIVERY! Your original estimate was correct and helped me prepare for my move of 12,000 pounds and 125 boxes. With your IPad in hand, your professional software went clicking off the number of boxes and estimated the weight. I was very impressed.
Upon delivery, all furniture was in its place, in my new home, and nothing was broken!
Congratulations on a job well-done! I seldom give A’s, much less A+’s.
Trudie Reading Coach Retired ~2011



I just wanted to take a minute to give many thanks to White Glove for doing a wonderful job swapping furniture and accessories at our showroom yesterday. Anthony and Jermaine were amazingly patient and careful which isn’t easy to do when you have a showroom located on the corner of Beachland Blvd. and Ocean Drive, they helped me pack items before delivery and stayed to assist the girls at the showroom with anything that they needed after the furniture was moved in. I appreciate Ben and Deanna’s help from the White Glove Office as always for making it happen with very short notice and making it happen with ease. You guys are great and an ally that I can rely on always both with Lyra Home and Rod Mickley Interiors.

Connie Fiske

Warehouse Manager

“You guys always do such a great job. JR, Fred and Jermaine were awesome!” ~Sayre S.

I was personally at the install the past three days and the movers did a fabulous job! They were quick, extremely helpful, and on top of their job.

We would like to thank you greatly for letting us know of replacements ahead of time. It made the install quick and painless. We had no follow up issues whatsoever, which is a pleasant surprise! 😊 Your firm provided amazing service all around. Pat yourselves on the back!



Many thanks to all of you for helping us with today’s installation. We had a great 3 man crew helping us…. 4 weeks from planning to today was not a wide window so we especially appreciate everyone’s patience with us:)

Our store sells USA made leather furniture from North Carolina. This high quality, handmade leather furniture is made to the customer’s specifications. Therefore we use the best in-home white glove delivery services available to ensure a perfect delivery. Many years ago we tried, for the first time, White Glove Moving of Vero Beach FL. They served our customer so professionally that we now only use this organization for our customers on the central east and south east coast of Florida. Our customers continue to tell us how great their delivery was from the initial call for an appointment, actual delivery into their homes, and to the follow up. I highly recommend White Glove Moving of Vero Beach!
Rick Kreiger
Leather Furniture USA
Royal Palm Beach Florida

“Always have done good work by me and my customers, in fact, are there any other movers that I’d use…nope.”
The Lone Arranger

“The delivery teams from White Glove are always so friendly. They help me look good in front of my clients and don’t sweat on the furniture.”L.M.

“I have always found their services and work ethics to be exceptional. They are a full service organization and a pleasure to work with.”R.M.

“When I visited your warehouse for the first time, my mind went into project mode; thinking of all the things I need to change within my business. I immediately pulled my existing inventory from our current warehouse and delivered to White Glove. You are so organized and clean!”

I was pleased with the delivery of the car and all the furnishings. The team was very helpful in setting up the furnishings and putting together what was packed. In fact, I have moved 5 times previously with other movers and your company, the 6th movers, was the best. I would recommend your movers any time.Christine G.

You all were WONDERFUL!!!!!! The Bookcase worked with felt pads, and the art was hung without a problem. You all have been a pleasure to work with and we will highly recommend you to other designers.
We really appreciate all you and your men did. Thank you for your help!!!S.H.

The crew was great throughout the process. I couldn’t have gotten a better team!Scott A.



All of our furniture is here. And we are thrilled with everything. We are new to Vero as of last January.
I am an interior designer and worked in the DC suburbs for almost 30 years. The last 27 were as head designer at a retail furniture store/design studio. In those 27 years, we worked with about 5 different delivery companies. The last 10 or so with one particular company. We personally knew the owner and the delivery guys well. Terrific guys. But not one company that I worked with throughout all those years could compare with White Glove.
Deanna was, from the first time I walked into your office to tell her I wanted to ship everything to White Glove, friendly, professional, responsive to my many questions, and so very helpful.  Randy, too, has been terrific. Not one of our delivery companies—-although I frequently asked—ever inspected and repacked furniture when it arrived. It wasn’t checked until the day before delivery. Of course, that inevitably led to problems. Damages, mistakes —-just problems. And that of course led to client complaints and delays. It made freight claims and factory resolutions difficult
So this is basically, a big thank you for the professional way in which you do what you do.
Deanna and Randy always arranged my deliveries so quickly. Your bookkeeping person was always responsive. The delivery guys were polite and efficient. Other office people I spoke with were also helpful—-sorry I don’t remember everyone’s name.
So ——Thanks to all!!!
Amy Gudelsky

I want to thank you and the entire moving crew at White Glove for the most wonderful experience during our move from Fort Pierce and Port St Lucie to Kitterman Plaza. Moving our two locations simultaneous in such an efficient and professional manner is no small feat. The compliments we received from our employees is a testament to your organization. The moving crew were very professional and friendly to all our employees at Harbor Insurance Agency. The entire crew removed all the worry and apprehension of our staff during such a period of uncertainty. Your crews patience and ability to accommodate our every concern was exemplary. Thank you for making our move worry free. And a special thank you from Harbor Insurance to every member of your crew assigned to our re-location initiative.
Thanks George

Just wanted to let you know that the move went really well; Sidney and his crew were awesome, very strong and efficient. Your guys doing the pack-up in Vero worked non-stop and always cheerfully. Great service!
Kudos to you and your team, Christine
Well, we had our first two White Glove move-ins today. The families were very pleased and impressed with your service and your movers. We look forward to many more moves!Anne B. (Community Coordinator)

Hotel FF&E:

From my end you guys have been impressive. Being remote as agent here in New York, I am at a loss for sight. I am comfortable with your team and the Contractors all tell me that your guys are class act pro’s. I do projects like this all over the world and nothing is more secure than a fantastic team like your company.   OrenHotel Purchasing

Your team wonderful and did an excellent job. They were very professional and strictly business. They worked quick and fast. Thank you so much for the work that you did and for taking such good care of us.   Dee Lee

White Glove was great to work with for the completion of our Hampton Inn in Downtown Vero Beach. On-time, courteous, thorough and true all around professionals. Our development team will continue to recommend and use White Glove in the future.
Keith Kite

Property Management/Construction:

Always a pleasure to do business with professionals in personal service.Melanie A.Weston Guest House

“Thanks to White Glove, when I get products and they are not ready yet to be installed, White Glove takes it all/stores it/ and delivers it to the place when it’s ready. Big thumbs up to White Glove!”Greg SchlittSchlitt Builders

“Your entire crew is superb, professional, and courteous. We frequently refer you to our own customers.”W Builders

White Glove makes for a very smooth transition every time from storage to delivery.CH Construction