Moving Into and Out of Florida Made Easy 

  1. White Glove Moving, Storage & Delivery sets up a complimentary in-home estimate for you no matter which state your origin address is at. Simply call 866-GLOVE10 to schedule your estimate today with true white glove movers.
  2. Next, an estimator does the full survey and discusses what your needs, dates and concerns are. After we get to work generating the best possible price.
  3. Once pricing is agreed upon, a move date is determined and secured.
  4.  Thereafter, the move transpires as planned.  On our calendar we allow enough time for any packing, crating or shipping that may also need to happen to complete the move. Best part, we are using top rated white glove movers every step of the way.
  5. After the move, payment is made in full once services are rendered. Those coming into storage have only the move portion to pay and will be invoiced for storage and handling afterward.
  6. As a token of appreciation, customers are given a small gift.  Within 48 hours, a follow up call is performed to ensure everything went good and to get feedback.
  7. A survey and links for reviews are forwarded at a later date to our customers via email to help others doing their research for a professional mover.

It has been said that moving is one of the most stressful times in one’s life; 3rd in line behind the loss of a loved one and divorce. That’s why White Glove Moving, Storage & Delivery strives to Make Moving Easy by taking the frustration out of the moving process and being here to help with it all or just some of the move.

Want to find out more about our local moves for those moving into, out of or around the Treasure Coast and Space Coast including our moving services: packing, storage, delivery, and installation options. Please click here.

Planning to move across the state or across the country, or internationally? As a premiere agent for Bekins Vanlines, White Glove Moving, Storage, & Delivery has the ability to make it easy and affordable.Please click here.

Office moving in Vero Beach or the surrounding area?Click here to find out more.

Opening a hotel or large commercial space? White Glove Moving, Storage, & Delivery has years of experience in large scale installation and logistics to make your grand opening a success. Click here for more information.

The anticipation leading up to a move, big or small, can be overwhelming. Click here to get a copy of the White Glove moving preparedness checklist and other helpful tips.


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