Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Commercial Inventory Control

To begin, we understand how important it is to keep an accurate account of your inventory. Furthermore, it is a task that White Glove Moving, Storage, & Delivery takes pride in. Years ago, we knew investing in a state of the art, inventory control systems would be valuable for our customers. Therefore, White Glove can easily retrieve all items that we receive and our interior designers account holders can look up those items 24/7. Hence, with this custom software and bar coding technology, there is peace of mind in knowing your items are safe and viewable.  Additionally, when ready, your items can be put together and set for delivery all with jut a few clicks. As always, ff&e moving and storage along with installation is something we excel at and look forward to working with you.

Residential Inventory Control

Firstly, we know how precious your items are to you. As a result, we believe its imperative to provide top notch inventory control for our residential customers. Therefore, White Glove Moving, Storage, & Delivery provides all storage customers with an inventory sheet. On the sheet, details,  descriptions and weights of all goods in our possession are listed.  Conveniently, whether your items stay with us for just a short time or for years on end, your inventory list is always on file.  Consequently, all your goods are trackable for as long as they are with us.

Better still, we can add to your inventory and arrange for delivery on your behalf.  For example, we can pick up new furniture and pieces from local stores and add them to your account. Or, we can deliver your favorite chair as you settle into a rental before your new home is complete. Additionally, items can be sent to our warehouse and added to your existing storage. To conclude, our inventory control forms are applicable for just a few items or for an entire shipment. Rest assured, all will be safe when with White Glove.


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