Moving Your Office? 

Moving Your Office? 

You can count on White Glove Moving, Storage & Delivery to help with your Florida office moving.

To begin, White Glove Moving, Storage, & Delivery , experts in Florida office moving, has decades of experience in office and industrial relocation services. Our team of AMSA Certified movers are trained to handle company wide office moves on small and large scales. As we all know, moving is never easy especially when it is an office move.  Primarily because of the time sensitive issues that arise when earning potentials are halted as a result of having to shutdown to relocate. At White Glove Moving, Storage, & Delivery we understand this dynamic and strive to make the Florida office moving process as easy and as quick as possible. Whether you are relocating your office within the Treasure Coast or from one part of the country to the next, White Glove Moving, Storage, and Delivery can help make your office move as seamless as possible.

To make the logistics even better, White Glove can provide full service moving solutions to your employees. Henceforth, relocating them so they can be ready to start work as quickly as the office is ready to open for business. Additionally, we strive to stay up-to-date with the moving needs of corporations from all parts of the globe.  Therefore, we will offer you service and pricing unmatched by others. Offering the White Glove touch from start to finish. Our office relocation services include:

  • Expert facility move consulting
  • Dedicated, experienced project management
  • Records/files relocation
  • Employee orientation
  • Comprehensive facility move process
  • Specialized equipment
  • Systems Furniture Installation
  • Floating floor services- where we reassemble your space onto a new floor or unit to the same specifications as the last.

To get started coordinating your upcoming office move, call (866)-GLOVE10 today to speak with a trained relocation specialist. Estimates are free and our ability to meet the time frame you require is second to none.


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