We have all done it. Fallen in love with a piece of furniture or equipment that is just too big to fit in the car or worse still too difficult to assemble on our own. Having the foresight to be able to assist residents of the Treasure Coast with this very issue, White Glove Moving, Storage & Delivery has put a complete delivery and installation program in place.

Taking moving to a whole new level with the White Glove touch, our delivery and assembly expertise can make that final piece to complete any space a reality. With 1 man service at $50 per hour and 2 man service available at just $85 per hour, we can pick up items at any retail outlet or deliver it directly from our own facility located at 2175 45th St. in Vero Beach, FL. Once arrangements are made and expectations conveyed to our dispatch team, we will arrive with the right tools for the job to ensure items are properly put together, hung, placed and removal of the old can even be accomplished with a simple phone call to our office at 866-GLOVE10.

Now we know you are interested in hearing what types of items we have delivered in the past and here are a few:

  • A swing set form Lowes
  • Mattresses from Sam’s
  • 600 pound table from Restoration Hardware at the outlet mall
  • Home Generator
  • Rugs
  • Flooring material
  • Petrified wood end tables and coffee tables
  • Conference room tables needing a crane to lift it to the 4the floor because it is too big for the elevator or stairs.
  • Gun safes.
  • Ancient Artwork – including hanging and so much more!

So don’t pass up on that piece you fear you can’t assemble or load yourself; simply call the professionals at White Glove Moving, Storage & Delivery to help make your space complete.

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