Let’s join forces and raise 1,000 lbs. of food for the White Glove Moving Annual Summer Food Drive!

Be a box host by emailing AnnaV@WhiteGloveUSA.net and we will arrange for delivery of an empty box and pick up of your full one.  All who participate whether it is a business, community clubhouse or  church will be acknowledged on social media and in all press releases.

Moving? Donate the food in your pantry. White Glove will give you a free box and collect it at the time of your move. Though Move for Hunger is a program we do all year long, joining forces with local businesses during the summer makes a big impact on those in need when school is out of session.

The Treasure Coast Food bank helps supply food to over 200 food pantries and soup kitchens in the area for folks who can’t get to the TC Food Bank directly. Every bit helps and we appreciate your assistance.

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