Moving is stressful yet there is additional stress to be had when moving with kids. How do you juggle it all and make it fun for your children? White Glove has some great suggestions on how to make it memorable and depending on your kids ages, a much easier experience for both parent and child.

Another great suggestion is to sympathize with your little one through reading.  Here are a few examples of our favorites:

*A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle/ Children struggling with change — outgrowing clothes, for example, or moving to a new school or town — will find reassurance in this gentle, original fable from Eric Carle, the creator of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

*A Kiss Goodbye by Audrey Penn/ Chester Raccoon  is facing another dilemma common to the lives of many children: he and his family are moving.

*Goodbye House by Frank Asch

*Alexander, Who’s Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!) Going to Move by Judith Viorst Illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser/ When Alexander feels mad or dad he wants to move to Australia. But most of the time he likes it right where he is. So when his mom and dad say that they’re moving a thousand miles away, Alexander decides that he’s not going.

*The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day by Stan Berenstain &  Jan Berenstain

*The Leaving Morning by Angela Johnson Illustrated by David Soman/ An African-American family moves from their city apartment into a new home, invoking all the joy, sorrow, anxiety, and hurry of moving day.

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