Without a doubt, the real estate market is busy despite the uncertainty the pandemic brings. Therefore, as professional movers during covid, our team feels it important to share some tips for planning your move during these times.

Firstly, with more cash transactions happening than in previous times, it is important to be proactive when trying to secure your moving partner. In many cases, our calendar is at capacity for weeks in advance since the onset of the virus. Please keep in mind we are a good size with 50+ full time movers and over 15 trucks in our fleet, which helps to showcase the fact that demand is high. Thus, arranging for a free moving estimate before you ever even list your house is a good idea. This way, all the details of your move and price has already been documented and you can reserve right away once an offer has been accepted. Keep in mind, at White Glove, we are able to perform these complementary surveys virtually too which can help to expedite the process if needed.

Of course, it is not always possible to have a survey beforehand. In that scenario, getting in touch with a mover as quickly as possible is suggested perhaps even prior to signing the offer’s paperwork. Over the past several months, numerous customers have discovered that there are fees associated with not being able to close on time no matter the reason. Hence, reserving a move day once you get a sense of the range of dates for the closing is a good strategy.

Next, many smaller moving companies with less of a reputation to maintain in the community are often overbooking. This means, they say they will do your job but when move day arises, they cancel. There are a few reasons at play for this frustrating practice. First, they went over on a different job and lack the manpower or time to do yours. Or they simply went with the better paying job. Whatever the reason, in times like these, the size of the company you choose should be a factor. Fly by nights and companies that cannot stand by their word to complete your move are taking advantage of the move boom left and right. Having an accredited and established moving and storage company, such as White Glove, to help make your move a smooth and pleasurable experience will afford you a hassle-free move from start to finish.

Lastly, be aware of moving companies that are requiring a deposit up front. For nearly twenty years, our team at White Glove Moving & Storage has been working closely with the realtor community to help educate against rogue and unethical movers who often confiscate deposits with no intent on performing the work. Since 2002, our professionals have been able to provide accurate pricing to our customers while being able to ensure their spot on the calendar without taking any money up front. This practice allows for there to be mutual trust between vendor and customer while still having all the pertinent details to staff and execute the move correctly come moving day. Because of our ability to price with confidence, we also offer the ability for customers to change their moving dates with no fees attached highlighting the importance of communication from all parties as unforeseen obstacles arise should a closing not go according to plan.

In conclusion, communication is key in these interesting times. Doing a little bit of extra research as to the quality and reputation of your chosen moving and storage partner goes further now than ever before. Look to professionals who are utilizing technology to help make the process easier as many clients are moving into Florida without even being here for the transactions themselves. Thus, virtual surveys and document signing allow for there to be peace of mind while still honoring dates and expectations. Finally, be realistic in your requests for scheduling and service. The demand for securing professional movers is higher than ever before. Be sure to call with as much advance notice as possible and try to give yourself the ability to be slightly flexible whether the move is local or out of state. May 2021 be full of good health, happiness, and prosperity for us all; happy moving!


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