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We Love Home Owners & Condominium Associations!

Spring is upon us and it is the perfect time of year in Florida to enjoy dining al fresco, stroll about the downtown areas and take in some evening outdoor celebrations.  Along the Treasure, Space and Gold Coasts, folks are here from all over the globe.  Many have a second residence in the area, contributing to the local economy and are proud to call this neck of the woods their home away from home.

Yet in just a few short weeks, they may be making plans to leave to return to their stomping grounds.  While away, many will have renovations and improvements done. At White Glove Moving, Storage & Delivery we can help and will work closely with the designers and property management teams to ensure everything is packed, inventoried and accounted for while being stored in our state of the art facility. Once the work is complete we will bring it all back and place everything as directed or as pictured prior to removal.

For associations, we also offer food drive boxes with free delivery and pickup to benefit the Treasure Coast Food Bank.  When individuals leave for months at a time, food can go bad. Donate it instead with the help of White Glove to make it easy.

For folks looking to do a full move, whether it is from one part of the community to another or one floor to the next, even a complete pack and relocation to another town or state, our team is happy to help with that too.  We work with a number of association and understand the need to follow the rules for working hours, reserving an elevator and more.

Moving, renovating or just want to donate food? Please call White Glove at 866-GLOVE10.


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