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Moving Books for Kids of Various Ages

Without a doubt, moving can be quite stressful. In fact, most people fear packing the most because of years of accumulation. Yet, if you are moving with kids, or even if you are not, packing can be the best part. Mainly, it allows you a chance to get organized again. Better still, it allows you to figure out what you do and don’t need. Thereafter, it is likely someone else gets to benefit from the stuff you no longer want. Moreover as you sort you can reflect and that is always rewarding. However, for kids, this can be challenging depending on their age and attachment to the home. So, though there are lots of cool ways to get them focusing on the positive of a move, books can help do the rest.

Hence, White Glove Moving & Storage has come up with a read aloud featuring a number of great books to share with kids. Also, it is a great idea to purchase a book or two and together write how they are feeling in the covers of the books. Then, down the road you can take the books back out and read about their fears or excitement and evaluate how it worked out. Important to mention, should you hire a mover this summer, rest assured at White Glove we are adhering to all CDC protocol and are able to help you get into your new home safely.

Firstly, the Berenstein Bears Moving Day. As a fan of the series, this is an easy book with great images geared to children ten and under. As always, the message is wholesome and describes how change can be difficult yet typically not as bad as projected.


Purchase online here.

Next, another moving book geared towards elementary school aged or even toddlers is Tigger’s Moving Day. Of course, we all know and love Winnie the Pooh and all his pals; however, did you know how Tigger chose his tree house? Well, join Anna Valencia Tillery on this reading to see if it’s a good fit for your family.

Purchase this book here.

Another option, try I Like Where I Am. In this book, discover how tough change can be for a six year old boy yet how rewarding it can be too. As a bonus, this one is full of rhythms and great illustrations.

Purchase this book here.

Finally, for our first batch of moving books, this one is for girls or perhaps boys nine to fourteen. Written by Meg Cabot, this is a a witty book.  Most certainly, moving as you get a bit older can be challenging and in this first book of a series Allie Finkle tells it like is. Best part, your child can find a new character to learn and grow with since there are other books to follow.

Purchase the set of 6 books here.

In conclusion, it is likely you have your own questions about moving. Likely, you too are overwhelmed and feeling like you bit off too much as a parent with covid and the like. Yet, as Treasure Coast moving experts, you can count us to make it easier. Perhaps, you need some short term storage while you do some repairs in your new space? We do that.  Or, you want to get rid of a number of items after all. Not to worry, we can help with donation locations too. If you are planning a move, call your trusted community partners at White Glove to be an ongoing resource as you begin the process.

Bound Moving Price vs. By the Hour: Moving Estimates

Moving can be stressful. Getting pricing can be overwhelming. Since all treasure coast movers are not created equal, it is important to figure out what the different terms mean. What is a bound moving price? Is non-bound pricing better for me? What are things to be look for in the moving estimate? Consequently, White Glove Moving and Storage has years of experience in the industry that can help.

Bound pricing: A bound moving price means whatever the price is listed to be; it is. The scope of the work is clearly spelled out and so long as the customer does not change what they need done, the price will remain the same.  Not all moving companies feel comfortable in providing bound pricing.  Mostly because there are a lot of variables that effect how long a move will take. Are there stairs or elevators? Will it rain? Will more packing be needed? What time of year are they moving? However, at White Glove Moving & Storage, we are very comfortable in providing bound pricing with our local moves because it provides a great sense of security to the customer. There are no surprises in the end and everyone can budget ahead of time whether it is financially or in regards to dedicating the right amount of labor and time.

Non-bound: This means that the estimate has been performed and has taken into account all the customer’s wants and needs.  However, the pricing is essentially an educated guess. As a result, the cost of the move can fluctuate. It can go up or it can go down. When customers are still in the downsizing process, plan to have a large sale to sell off unwanted items or may wish to have some furniture go with the sale of the property; it makes sense to have a good idea of cost but not a bound number.

In the end, the price will take into account all travel, labor, materials and fuel. More times that not it is pretty close to the projected price yet instances arise that cause the number to change drastically. For example, as moving day approaches the customer can not find the time to pack as they had hoped. Now the professional moving company needs to perform a full pack, providing all labor and materials. The estimated price will be very different from the final number generated once all services are rendered.

When moving out of state this is a common way to provide pricing. Primarily because weight matters in long distance moves. Each pound will have a direct effect on the final cost, as will the time of year when the out of state move is being performed. For more information on how that works, check out Bekin’s Rights and Responsibilities.

By the hour: There are plenty of times when customers just need help with the heavy lifting.  In that instance, a formal estimate is not needed as it is simply labor that is required. Or if the customer is not available to meet with an estimator, yet can explain or  share pictures of the items; that is another great example of a by the hour price. By the hour is just the labor cost, per man per hour multiplied by the time the job takes and the fuel associated with it.

Most reputable moving companies will provide a formal, in-home estimate at no charge.  This is a necessity when requesting a bound moving estimate. Additionally, no deposits are typically required when it comes to a move being performed by an ethical moving company locally. Nationwide moves differ a bit in regards to payment.  Standard operating procedures are to collect payment prior to unloading the delivery at destination when moving out of state.  Types of acceptable payment include: credit card, cashier check or money order. No personal checks or cash accepted in interstate moves.

For more information about how to understand your moving estimate or to schedule for a complimentary estimate, please call White Glove Moving & Storage at 772-778-4750 to speak with a relocation specialist.

Complimentary formal in-home survey. Best way to get an accurate bound moving price.

Women’s Council of Realtors Florida Mover

White Glove Moving, Storage & Delivery is proud to be recognized as a state level sponsor with the Women’s Council of Realtors Florida in 2019.  Though many counties are recognized in being Women’s Council networks throughout the state, White Glove Moving & Storage seeks to be a partner for those realtor members and strategic partners who have folks moving into or out of the Atlantic Coast area with a special emphasis on the Treasure Coast and surrounding counties.

Since 2013, White Glove Moving & Storage has been an active local strategic partner for the Women’s Council of Stuart-Martin, Port St. Lucie and Jupiter Tequesta Hobe Sound.  Knowing that realtor referrals are strong within the Women’s Council family, White Glove Moving & Storage was excited to step up on a state level to show our support for the organization and its ongoing efforts to provide education, relationship building and fun to the world of real estate throughout our great state.

To know more about Women’s Council of Realtors or to be invited to an upcoming local event please check out https://wcrflorida.com/ or email our director of Marketing at AnnaV@WhiteGloveUSA.net



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