We have all heard the scary stories of rogue movers who say the cost of a move will be one price then raise it 3x’s the quoted amount before finally releasing the goods. How terrible!
That is why at White Glove Moving we stress the importance of taking advantage of our free in-home estimates when it comes to booking your move. Why? Because when it comes to the actual moving day, the right size crew and truck are guaranteed when a relocation specialist has been onsite and can deliver back the right notes to Operations. Tight angles, number of stairs, any possible special tools for the job are all made mention when someone is at your current location and can be accounted for prior to the move beginning.

In home walk through

In home walk through

What else makes it great? Say you want to do some of your own packing and just leave the high-end and heavy stuff to the pros. Your assigned relocation coordinator can tell you the correct number of boxes and sizes so you don’t over or under buy the supplies you need. Should you want the White Glove Moving & Storage team to do the full pack, the assigned moving coordinator can make all necessary notes of the items so proper packaging supplies are brought when the moving process begins.

The real benefit is that your mover is going to be more accurate with a price no matter the destination when viewing the scope of your move in person, onsite than simply quoting over the phone with lots of variables at play. Perhaps the move is so small but going a great distance shipping the items will be more cost effective than hiring an actual mover. At White Glove we can provide that solution with the help of our sister company Pak Mail Beachside coming up with the most cost effective game plan for our customers. Of course, at White Glove Moving & Storage over the phone estimates are provided from our seasoned team and for smaller moves based strictly on non-binding hourly rates it is a great fit for busy folks. However, if you have decades of memories and prized possessions in need of a full pack and move; take advantage of the free quote and know that at White Glove Moving & Storage we provide peace of mind every time! For your complimentary survey please call 772-778-4750 or visit us online at www.whitegloveusa.com.

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