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Sleep Number Bed Movers

The importance of a quality night’s sleep is something that has become a very hot talking point in America. It seems like there are mattress store popping up everywhere! Just like not all movers are created equal, nor are beds.  That is why our White Glove Moving & Storage team set out to earn additional training to become Sleep Number bed movers.  Because in our years of experience, this is the one style of bed that owners will not trust to just anyone to move.

Perhaps it is because of such great features as  IndividualFitallowing Sleep Number® bed adjusts to you, relieving pressure points. For several years in a row this specialty bed has been voted #1 IN VALUE, #1 IN COMFORT, #1 IN SUPPORT & #1 IN FEATURES for J.D. Power. Additional features of these great beds include letting you choose  your ideal firmness, comfort, and support on each side — your Sleep Number® setting in the Sleep Number 360®smart bed. Better still, throughout the night, the bed senses your every move and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable.  Followed by the next morning evaluating your sleep by checking your SleepIQ® score — with personalized insights for your best sleep.  The bed even provides pre-warming so you can fall asleep faster. Does your partner snore?  Sleep Number 360® smart bed can gently raise your partner’s head to help relieve mild snoring.

sleep number bed movers

In conclusion, with an investment as important as the perfect bed for you and your partner. It does not make sense to trust that responsibility of ensuring its safe transport and warranty with a less than qualified moving company.  As you can see, this bed is more than just a mattress and a box spring. It requires knowledge of the bed and its functions to help make breakdown and reassembly possible.  After additional training in the Jensen Beach store, White Glove Moving & Storage is now fully accredited to make moving your Sleep Number bed along with all your other household items easy and cost effective.  Additionally, when it comes to local deliveries, if the bed is all you need moved, we can do that too.  At White Glove, we are proud to provide top notch quality and ongoing training, becoming Sleep Number Bed movers is just one way we help set ourselves apart from the rest.



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