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Getting Ready to Move Once Summer Starts?

It is hard to believe that Summer is just around the corner; but it is!  And like many Americans you might be considering moving once the kids are out of school.  Whether it is because you simply want a new home, relocating for a job, or just want to be closer to family; the team at White Glove Moving & Storage has some great tips to share especially for relocating out of Florida.

As an agent for National Vanlines, we take great pride in our ability to make moving easy no matter the distance but when moving out of state it requires some additional planning that is not needed when doing a local move. Here’s a couple of things we feel are important to share as you begin to plan:

6-8 Weeks Prior to Move: 2-3 Weeks Prior to Move: 1 Week Before Move: Moving Day
Inventory your household possessions. Decide which items to move and which not to move.

Call White Glove for a free estimate. We offer professional packing crews that will save countless hours or we can inform you on number of boxes needed.  Less lead time is needed for local moves. 866-GLOVE10


Create a moving binder to keep track of all inventory, estimates and receipts.


Secure your ideal move date with White Glove; no deposits required.

Fill and transfer prescription medications

Advise insurance companies of your pending move and update policies.

Make separate shipping arrangements for pets and plants


Make personal travel plans for your move, such as airline tickets, hotel reservations, serving of your vehicle and road maps for your trip routing.


If packing yourself, start now and be sure to clearly label each box.


Defrost refrigerator and freezer. Allow sufficient drying time to prevent mildew.

Dispose of food items that require refrigeration.


Collect all items from separate locations (office, school, clubs, etc.) and bring them home to pack and move.


Make arrangements for child care and pet care on moving day. Be sure to obtain your vet records.


Return library books or items borrowed from neighbors or friends.

Remove and pack bed linens in dresser drawers for convenience or in cartons.


Pack items to be carried in your car and mark each carton: DO NOT MOVE!


Be available to check items on your inventory sheet as the leave your house to be loaded on the van. When all cartons and furnishings have been loaded on the van, conduct a last minute walk through.


Check all closets, make sure windows are shut and locked, lights are turned off and doors are locked.



Utilize the Updater link to transfer utilities, publications, mailing address & more


Gather family records: medical, dental, school, birth, marriage, financial, insurance, wills, forward transcripts to your new school system.


Finalize your living arrangements, home-owners/renters insurance as new location.



Cancel club memberships (most require advance notice)

Use the Updater links to start the process of changing addresses, utilities and more.


Safely dispose of or give away all flammable materials (paints, paint removers, other solvents, and propane tanks). These items cannot be moved in the van.


If moving to a new state, transfer your driver’s license.



Transfer funds from checking and savings accounts to new accounts in your new community.


Items that are affixed to a wall or ceiling must be taken down in order for the movers to pack and ship them. This includes ceiling fans, light fixtures, drapery rods, etc.


Trash cans and barbeque grills must be free of debris and washed out prior to loading day.



Walk through the new location and verify placement of furniture.


Get copies of all shipping documents including proof of payment to your movers.


Enjoy the “Welcome to Your New Home” Bag.


Should something be missing, find something damaged or to schedule a debris removal call White Glove.

Moving can be overwhelming and scary for children who don’t want to leave their friends or school; but it can also be made into a great deal of fun. Having professionals assist with the logistics and heavy lifting makes it easier for you to focus on making the kids feel more excited about the whole endeavor. We recommend Moving Day by the Berenstein Bears as a good quick read, no matter your child’s age, to help them understand they are not alone in feeling scared about the move.

By using the Updater program offered at no charge from White Glove Moving you can even reduce lots of hours on phone changing addresses for bills and publications; bonus! One less thing to worry about or take time to do. So if moving this Summer is happening for your family please call White Glove for a free estimate, reserve your ideal move dates and have all your questions answered by the movers who provide peace of mind every time. 866-GLOVE10 or visit our other pages at www.whitegloveusa.com



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