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Hurricane Preparedness, White Glove Moving Can Help!

Starting in June, Hurricane Season has begun lasting through October each year.  In the beautiful state of Florida, hurricane preparedness is important  in the event of a hurricane.  Thanks to the Crime Prevention Unit, our White Glove Moving team is happy to provide some useful tips to consider; including stocking up on canned goods during routine grocery shopping.

In the event of a big storm, you will need a minimum of one gallon per day for drinking and cooking. Have at least a seven day supply on hand.  This same rule can apply to any medicines or baby formula.  As the storm comes, be sure to turn your refrigerator and freezer to their coldest settings.  Another great hurricane preparedness tip is to scrub and sterilize bathtubs and all available jugs, containers so they too can be filled with water.

Perhaps one of the biggest threats in a storm are outside objects. If not tied down or picked up and stored, those items can transform into missiles of destruction.  From patio furniture to small motors and toys, White Glove Moving & Storage is happy to help as the storm nears. Our ability to pick up and store items for as little or as long as needed is  an asset to home owners who are seasonal and wish to not return before the hurricane makes landfall. Hurricane preparedness also includes reinforcing the five critical areas: roof, straps, shutters, doors and garage doors.

Another suggestion in  hurricane preparedness is to have extra cash on hand and store all valuable papers, photographs and momentos in waterproof bags or containers.  Before the storm hits and power goes out, be sure to fill up vehicles with gas and stock up on batteries for flashlights as well as bug spray.

Remember, do not touch fallen or low hanging wires.  Pay attention to instructions from official sources and notify them right away of any “live” lines or broken gas/water mains. After power is restored, check food for spoilage.

Know of someone moving or that will be away for the summer? Please share White Glove Moving, Storage & Delivery’s contact information with them so we can secure their outdoor area and bring it into the safety our facility. 772-778-4750



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