White Glove Moving, Storage & Delivery: Much More Than Just a Moving Company.

White Glove Moving & Storage Other Services
White Glove Moving, Storage & Delivery offers a wide variety of others services beyond just moving a storage.

  • RECEIVING: Your fine furniture and other items arrive at our facilities directly from the manufacturers or stores and undergo a thorough inspection.
  • INVENTORY: The commercial and residential inventory process allows us to keep track of and return every item received.
  • PACKING & CRATING: Our wide array of materials and supplies ensures safe travel for your oversized or fragile items.
  • DELIVERY: White Glove takes the extra step to bring items to their final destination.
  • INSTALLATION & ASSEMBLY: White Glove will assist in completing the final touches to your newly decorated rooms or venue.

Remember, whether you have plenty of time to plan or you need something done quickly; we are here to help. Our other services are excellent ways to get the assistance you need without a full move. When you are ready, we will be too.

Moving Trucks to Help with Other Services